Brighton & Hove City Council


HOUSING COMMITTEE                         Agenda Item 53 (b)


Subject:                    Public Questions


Date of Meeting:     18 January 2023


Report of:                 Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law


Contact Officer:      Shaun Hughes



Wards Affected:     All







1.1      To receive any questions submitted to Democratic Services.




2.2      That the Committee responds to the questions.

Public Questions:

1.    From Jim Deans


In the first few months of Covid, very large sums of money were handed out by BHCC, Much for accommodation and food support. SHS received zero despite stepping up from one weekly street kitchen to 8 covering the closures of day centres. Rumours are circulating within the support network of a very large amount as much as 1 million some say given to one private individual.

I would ask the councillors to undertake an immediate inquiry into this and to the due diligence done before funds were given, this should be shared with both professional and voluntary organisations within the homeless network. We would ask that the amounts and to who were these funds distributed.

Already there is a reporter from a national newspaper asking questions regarding this so I would hope this inquiry could be swift.

Jim Deans
Sussex Homeless Support

2.    Daniel Harris


Having reviewed the allocations stats provided, I and a lot of current service users have issues with the former allocations review, how that was conducted and how this seems to have impacted persons with disabilities. None of the temporary options presented are useful, We would present an alternative plan for the 6 months to the following:

Homeless - 35% Transfers  - 25% Homeseekers - 25% CIQ - 15%

Can you please consider this and reject the officer recommendations?

Supporting statement from Lauren Coveley: 

Dear whom it may concern.


I write to you today to ask that you reconsider the percentages of properties and banding that is released. Like myself there are many people in impossible living circumstances with disabilities unable to live a normal/happy life. Over the last 5 months I have been in contact with ……… ………. regarding my own housing needs and outlined how I believe the housing banding is wrong. There are people with disabilities stuck in housing they cannot live in due to a lack of properties being put available to them. This is causing a massive effect on people’s mental health as-well as physical, I believe something should be done.


I recommend the administration to provide percentages provided by Daniel Harris or I will be seeking legal action.


Kind regards

Lauren Coveley



3.    Charles Harrison




Housing Performance Report 

The Council's Housing Performance Report for Q2 2022/23, shows 24 of the 34 Work Plan objectives being on track. However, I also note that only 8 of the 16 KPI's are currently on target.

I am particularly concerned that the report item 1.1 (Provide additional affordable homes) is off-track, with only 493 of the targeted 800 additional council homes projected for completion in this 4yr period.

I also note that item 1 2 (Provide additional affordable homes) is on track and forecasting an impressive 610 new affordable homes to be completed in the 2922/23 period.

However, I feel that "affordable rents", based on discounted market prices and shared ownership homes, when mortgage repayments. service charges and rents are taken in to account, may become increasingly out of reach for those on local incomes  

Does the Council share my concern that there may be an over-reliance on the private sector, to provide affordable housing and, if so, how does the Council propose to address this?


Charles Harrison