Resident Questions for Housing Area Panel


Reference: E3.2

Question Title

Communal bins at Craven Vale

Date question raised


Week of Area Panel


Area in city


Star rating applied by residents

3 stars – city wide

Deadline for officer response

9am on 19th January

Name of officer responding

Melissa Francis

Officer job title

Head of CityClean

Resident Question


Broken and damaged communal bins have still not been replaced at Craven Vale.


This item was first raised at the meeting of East Area Residents on 25th August 2022.

Several communal bins at Craven Vale are damaged and have not been replaced.

·         Some bins have pedals to raise the bin cover that are broken and don’t work – elderly residents are struggling to get their rubbish in.

·         Some bins don’t have a cover, which has meant that birds/seagulls are getting to the rubbish or the wind is tipping the bins over, and rubbish is getting strewn everywhere on the roads and pavements, causing obstructions for road-users.

Residents were last informed that the current bin supplier had gone bust and there were supply chain issues that meant parts could not get replaced.

Action requested:

This is presumably a city-wide problem and residents would like an update on the situation and to know when they can expect the communal bins to be replaced.

Officer Response

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Officer Response:

The repairs and renewal of these bins are the responsibility of Housing.  The bins with no lids and pedals are beyond repair and need to be replaced. New orders of bins take 12 – 16 weeks to deliver.


Previously, there were issues within the supply chain for bins and spare parts but this has since been resolved and the usual delivery time is 12 – 16 weeks.


The replacement bins for Craven Vale have been ordered.



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