Actions from North Area Panel meeting 14th December 2022


Deadline for staff to respond: 19th January at 9am


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Grant Ritchie to investigate Heather Hayes’ lengthy boiler repair time (why it took so long to fix).

Matthew Snell

The appliance was replaced in 2021. The fault in question started 17/03/22 with the appliance displaying fault code ‘224’, the K&T engineer was advised that if following the reset the fault reoccurred, Worcester would have to attend. The fault reoccurred and Worcester was contacted. This is where the delay with Worcester started which would appear to be due to the number of missed calls between both Worcester and the Resident, the visit was finally completed on 22/08/22 by Worcester, K&T continued to chase for a confirmed appointment. The appliance is now in operation, Worcester have attended and resolved the issue which had never been seen by them until this stage. No further visits have been made since 14/12/2022.




Grant Ritchie to share condensation and mould prevention leaflets with attendees of area panels.

Grant Ritchie

I have now received the leaflets back from the printers and I am happy to share at the meeting.




Martin Reid to catch up with Ian Beck and Des Jones before the end of January regarding accessibility issues on Davey Drive and Tavistock Down caused by overhanging brambles and overgrowing weeds/nettles.

Martin Reid

This action has been passed to Justine Harris and will be completed by the end of January.

In progress



Martin Reid to contact Des Jones regarding rubbish and recycling collection in Southmount

Martin Reid

This action has been passed to Justine Harris who will report back directly to Des and provide a verbal update at the next Area Panel.

In progress

May 23