Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 86


Subject:                      Official Feed and Food Controls Service Plan 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024


Date of meeting:    14 March 2023


Report of:                 Executive Director, Housing, Neighbourhoods & Communities


Contact Officer:      Name: David Currie

                                    Tel:     07596 886568

                                    Email: David.currie@brighton-hove.gov.uk


Ward(s) affected:   All



For general release



1.            Purpose of the report and policy context


1.1         To agree the Official Feed and Food Controls Service Plan 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.


2.            Recommendations


2.1         That Committee agrees the Official Feed and Food Controls Service Plan set out in the Appendix of this report.


3.            Context and background information


3.1         The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Framework Agreement on Local Authority Food Law Enforcement requires the production and publication of a service plan. Every local authority is required to develop an annual food enforcement service plan, which provided the basis on which local authorities are monitored and audited by the Food Standards Agency.


3.2         The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted food law service delivery and while the Council met the key milestones of the FSA’s recovery plan there are still significant numbers of overdue Category D & E rated premises which require an intervention.


3.3         To ensure local transparency and accountability, it is a requirement that the Official Feed and Food Controls Food Service/ Recovery Plan is submitted to the relevant member forum for approval.


3.4         The attached plan (Appendix A) is an integral part of the organisation of Regulatory Services.


4.            Analysis and consideration of alternative options


4.1         The plan and activities detailed within are legally required to comply with the Food Law Code of Practice.


5.            Community engagement and consultation


5.1         The planning process is governed by the national Food Safety Framework Agreement.


6.            Conclusion


6.1         That the committee agrees the Official Feed and Food Controls Service Plan set out in the Appendix of this report.


7.            Financial implications


7.1          The resources allocated to these functions are set out in Appendix A. All expenditure for these functions will be met from within existing revenue budget resources.


Name of finance officer consulted: Michael Bentley

Date consulted (13/02/23):


8.            Legal implications


8.1         The Food Standards Agency places a requirement on local authorities to develop and submit a service plan. Local authorities are audited and assessed by the Food Standards Agency on the basis of their food law enforcement service as provided for in their Service Plans. The Food Safety Act 1990 (Code of Practice) places a requirement on local authorities to operate an inspection rating scheme, which determines frequency of intervention of food premises.


Name of lawyer consulted: Alice Rowland   

Date consulted (dd/mm/yy): 20/2/23


9.            Equalities implications


9.1         The service is mindful of the greater assistance food business operators require where their first language is not English. Written information, translation and interpreting services are employed where necessary to assist businesses to comply with regulatory requirements.


10.         Sustainability implications


10.1      The service practices hybrid working, travelling is kept to a minimum and public transport is used where possible by some members of the team.


Public health implications:


11.1      The Plan is seen as key to protecting public health in the city. It is in line with the stated outcome to ‘reduce health inequalities and long-standing public health issues’ as part of the priority of tackling inequalities which states that ‘we will continue with high profile enforcement of food and health and safety rules, maintaining our excellent record of environmental health improvements.’



Supporting Documentation


1.            Appendix: A. Draft Official Feed and Food Controls Service Plan 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024