Appendix 2

Stakeholder workshop – Wish & Westbourne Mini-Holland feasibility study

Thursday 12 January 2023 17:30-19:00, King Alfred Ballroom

Attendees represented the following organisations:

·         Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC)

·         Jacobs and PJA (technical consultants for Mini-Holland study)

·         Design South East (independent design advice for Mini-Holland study)

·         Brighton & Hove Conservative Group

·         Brighton & Hove Green Group

·         Brighton & Hove Labour & Cooperative group

·         Stagecoach

·         West Hove Forum

·         East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

·         Hove Civic Society

·         Living Streets

·         SEDSconnective

·         Portland Road traders

·         West Sussex County Council

·         Friends of Hove Lagoon

·         Friends of Hove Park

·         Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company

·         Wish Park Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG)

·         Brighton Area Buswatch

·         Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum

·         West Hove Seafront Action Group

·         Bricycles



The Mini-Holland study was introduced by BHCC officers and technical consultants, including a summary of data analysis carried out in the area so far.


The session then moved to a workshop format where attendees were asked to provide feedback on the following topics:

·         Current issues – what isn’t working at the moment?

·         Constraints – what should we be aware of?

·         Opportunities – ideas for what could be done – what would you like to see here?

Feedback summary:

Feedback on the above categories was provided by attendees via maps and discussions, which have been summarised into themes as follows:

Portland Road:

Transform to a high street. Add middle strip and plant trees.

Boundary Road and Portland Road should be upgraded to High Street Status (Low traffic, more greening, more seating, pocket parks).


More trees, seating and bins in Portland Road.


Portland Road needs more trees, seating areas and toilets.


Public Square potential at Westbourne Street / Portland Road intersection.


Portland Road - pedestrians need priority.


Activity on Portland Road creates challenges with parking to access GP services particularly those with disabilities.


More disabled parking needed on Portland Road.


Taxi bays in Portland Road are unused.


Consider ‘Edible bus stop’ by co-op.


Portland Road has significant bus infrastructure.


Portland Road – low emission zone for buses?


Brighton electric vehicle car club is going in on Portland Road.


Electric vehicle car club bay @ catholic church off Portland Road.


Portland Road potentially 20mph.


Portland road 30 down to 20.


Wider variety of shops needed on Portland Road.


Traffic build-up on Sackville / Portland Road.


Portland Road – need more buses per hour.




Boundary Road/Station Road:

Boundary Road and Portland Road should be upgraded to High Street Status (Low traffic, more greening, more seating, pocket parks).


Give priority to pedestrians.


Make boundary road safer. Too chaotic, high likelihood of accidents or fatality.


Boundary Road gridlock. Alternative routes should be publicised (wayfinding / signage?).


Boundary Road needs less traffic.






New Church Road:

More pedestrian crossings needed

New Church Road is the preferred cycle route through the area due to width and surface


Consider cycle lanes?

Reduce speed to 20mph.


New Church Road has higher bus usage than other parts of the area.







Kingsway A259:

More pedestrian crossings needed on Kingsway.


Provide zebra crossings to help people crossing here?

More crossings to Kingsway to provide connectivity.

Kingsway to the Sea links and redevelopment must be taken into account.


More disabled parking needed on Kingsway.


Need more buses along A259 and into city centre.


Kingsway A259 – reduce to 30mph.




Sackville Road:

Essential to keep traffic moving on Sackville Road.


Traffic build-up on Sackville / Portland Road.





Public realm:

Improve public realm around stations.

Areas around Portslade station are uninviting – more trees needed.


More outdoor seating needed in the area.

Seating to break up journeys on foot.

Better lighting needed.

Sections of footway at Carlton Terrace are under-used. Potential to widen Carlton Terrace?


Move key streets from ‘road’ function to ‘place’ function.

More street trees needed.


Tree planting and greening are essential to placemaking.


Street trees on the road not pavement.

Greening of whole area.

Richardson Road was previously tested as a Café / outdoor space / park but was rejected due to loss of trade. Conduct a survey to understand the spend by pedestrians / cyclists vs drivers.


Pedestrianise Richardson Road. Look at % by car vs % on foot / cycle.


Northwest of study area key for improvement. (Area between Hove School and Portland Business Park was highlighted).


More cycle parking in Richardson Road.



Walking / Wheeling:

Provision of pedestrian crossings at side roads.


More facilities for pedestrians, utilise painted zebras at side roads.


Extra time on controlled crossings to give people more time to cross.


Need to improve pavements – too many are in poor condition.


Need flat and wide pathways for buggies / wheelchairs etc.

Issues surrounding access for older people.

Major severance for north / south active travel modes.

Need storage for prams and buggies.



Need cycle advance lights at signals.


Hogarth Road potentially one-way. Potential cycle street? Restructured access?


Cycle lanes should be ‘mobility’ lanes and suitable for wheelchairs.


Major severance for north / south active travel modes.


Need to separate cyclists and pedestrians on major routes eg A259


Cycle parking needed by the sea.





Speeding of East - West traffic on 30mph roads.


Speed reductions within the area.


There are 16,000 blue badge holders in Brighton and Hove.


More dropped kerbs needed, especially for disabled parking.


Potential for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)?


Opportunities for modal filters in Poet’s Corner.


Cars dominate the area.


Keep clear emergency service routes, must have ability to pass traffic.


Essential to keep traffic moving on Sackville Road.


Traffic build-up on Sackville / Portland Road.


Olive Road must be kept open.


Be careful not to create congestion by closing off too many roads.


Hogarth Road potentially one-way.


Generally alright on roads here.






Won’t want to slow down buses.


Bus priority at junctions.


Better bus services needed – allow buses to move through the area more quickly.


Accessibility at / to bus stops is key.


More capacity on buses for wheelchair users.


Improved bus availability / service on some routes (Particularly Old Shoreham Road).


No bus services from Hove station to W&W area.


Need bus routes for north – south travel, then people do not have to drive to the seafront.


Buses are expensive over short distances.


Hove Park (27A) - 1 bus an hour - not well served.


Portland Road – need more buses per hour.


Tickets need to be interchangeable between operators – eg can’t change to the 700 to go along seafront without paying twice.


Buses are terrific here.






Behaviour change:

Change driver behaviour. Let pedestrians take priority when crossing side roads.


Consider what impact developments have prior to decision making.





Stakeholders & engagement:

Engage with secondary schools.


Needs to take in views of students.


Need to link the area to Kingsway to the Sea (KTTS).


A259 scheme impact.


Consideration needs to be given to the Hove Station Corridor Project.


Shoreham Port is a key stakeholder.





Examples of map annotations from the session:

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