Appendix 2- Table of Objections

Total Number of Responses Received

Total Number of Support

Total Number of Objections





The table below shows a summary of the objections received for Valley Gardens Phase 3 TRO consultation noted in point 2 of the main report, and reasons residents gave, along with officer recommendations



Objection / Support

TRO Comments

Officer Response




My experience to date as a driver:

(a) long queues to access businesses like Yellowave further down the drive as cars stop to wait for parking spaces and as cars manoeuvre to park;

(b) extra time and petrol having to go East to come back West to Hove once I have finished in Madeira Drive (and often increased traffic jams waiting to access the SeaLife Roundabout);

(c) if you miss out on a space, you have to drive all the way back round (not exactly fume friendly)

My experience as a cyclist using the cycle lane:  often having to swerve to avoid cars driving forwards into the cycle lane to manoeuvre to park.  I've even experienced a car driving at me in the cycle lane on more than one occasion as they have tried to get past people queuing while others are parking.

Therefore on balance I have to question the practicality and safety of this proposal.  It's fine on paper but you should try using it regularly.

Objection has` been considered and recommend that the proposed layout is suitable.






Accessible/blue badge parking close to Princes St
I see from the plan that you will be installing full sized accessible/blue badge parking bays on Old Steine. This is very welcome as a wheelchair user, who until now has been only able to use the end bay as I require a wider space to get my wheelchair out of the car. However it is disappointing that you are not going to use the opportunity to increase the number of accessible/blue badge parking bays in this area. This has been exacerbated with the removal of the time unlimited accessible bays in the Circus Street development their replacement with time-limited bays.

As a resident who frequently uses those spots as well as the ones on William Street, I frequently have to drive around (sometimes for an hour or more) trying to find a suitable space. The spaces in the streets off Edward Street, in for example John Street, are not suitable for me as it would require me to push uphill a significant distance. Given the aging population in Brighton and Hove (and nationally) it seems short-sighted not to increase the provision in this area which is host to one of our major tourist attractions – the Royal Pavilion. The beachfront is well provided for, but this area down to the pier is not well provided for.

Additionally, most of the accessible parking bays in the area are for four hours only. They are obviously aimed at tourists or visitors and are often not helpful for residents needing to park for longer. There is nothing to prevent tourists from parking in Time unlimited accessible/blue badge bays too.

While I appreciate the Old Steine bays are intended to give access for GP appointments, they are not restricted to this. And there are often many cars parked on double yellow lines because the bays are in use.

New ‘no loading’ zone in Edward St in front of Royal View

This new no loading area in front of Royal View and the family court will have a significant impact on residents of Royal View. This will mean delivery drivers will be unable to unload in this area and will impact how long it takes them to deliver to our building. The back entrance of Royal View is not suitable for loading and deliveries as there is no intercom system at the back, due to the shared access through the building at this level. Has consideration been given to narrowing the pavement on this corner to facilitate a loading zone here? The width of the pavement means vehicles often park on it rather than on the road anyway. Restricting loading on the road will simply mean more vehicles do this, causing more damage and obstruction on the pavement.

Given how much is delivered by couriers, food delivery services, the post office etc, only exacerbate existing concerns from delivery drivers about delivering to our building. This is particularly an issue for larger items.

Morley Street

This relates to a previous phase of the scheme/ the Circus Street development. The dropped curb on Morley Street is dangerous. The road has not been levelled to the curb as it has been in Kingswood Street. There is a very steep wedge of asphalt between the road level and the pavement level, at that junction. This effectively creates a step, not a ramp. This has been the case since the work was being completed. I had assumed it would be dealt with in the same way as Kingswood Street once the scheme had been completed however this is not happened. As a result of the steepness of this step my powered wheelchair cannot navigate it. Please confirm when this will be addressed given it has been like this for well over a year.


Objection has` been considered and recommend that the proposed layout is suitable.






It’s going to increase collisions between cyclists and pedestrians even more


Objection has` been considered and recommend that the proposed layout is suitable.






This order is disproportionate and unnecessary.  This will NOT allow significant regeneration of the green space and public realm space at Old Steine Gardens and the creation of a two new squares. It is more aimed at creating unnecessary retail space and not help the council’s and city’s economic growth, regeneration, planning, public realm, and transport objectives.

Objection has` been considered and recommend that the proposed layout is suitable.




I am lodging an objection to the removal of the taxi rank as set out in the TRO which is positioned on the bottom north side of St. James Street outside Sainsburys.

Objection has` been considered and recommend that the proposed layout is suitable.