Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 83(b)


Subject:                    Written Questions


Date of meeting:    14 March 2023



A period of not more than fifteen minutes shall be allowed at each ordinary meeting for questions submitted by a member of the public.


The question will be answered without discussion. The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion. The person to whom a question, or supplementary question, has been put may decline to answer it. 


The following written questions have been received from members of the public:


(1)          A270- Daniel Roberts


On the A270 Lewes Road between Elm Grove and Southall Avenue is meant to have a bike lane. However as so many vehicles are parked illegally along this stretch cyclists have to veer into road frequently which I'd quite dangerous. Could there be a divider put in place e.g. Wands to prevent this?


(2)          Joy Robinson – Hove Station Corridor


Over summer of 2022 a consultation was undertaken around a Pedestrian Improvement Scheme in the Hove Station Corridor area. I understood the outcome would be discussed at the November ETS, I see that did not happen. I also see the related documents have been removed from the council website.  Can the Chair please advise: has the project been shelved and if so is anything else planned to deal with the safety issues around mini-roundabout at Clarendon, Goldstone and Eaton Villas and the lack of a decent pedestrian crossing facility in Hove Station Approach?