Cllr. Bella Sankey

BH2023/00481 - 26 Glebe Villas


30th March 2023:

The application seeks to change the use of no.26 Glebe Villas from an existing dwelling (C3) to dual use as either a dwelling (C3) or a six bedroom small house in multiple occupation (C4).


I have reviewed the proposed plans for the property, and I am concerned that the house is being overdeveloped. The six proposed bedrooms are too many for a house of this size. The change of use would permit the house to be potentially occupied by 12 people with inadequately small communal areas, especially cooking and bathroom facilities.


I understand from several residents of Glebe Villas that the HMO at no. 24 has previously created noise and disturbance as well as anti-social behaviour. The current proposed HMO is modelled on that HMO and has the same landlord.


I am also concerned that there will be insufficient parking spaces for the proposed HMO inhabitants.


I would like to request that the application to go to Planning Committee.