Cllr. Jacqueline O'Quinn

BH2022/02808 – St Agnes Church, Newtown Road


25th October 2022:

Installation of ventilation ducts to north elevation at first floor. (Retrospective)

I object to the application for the ventilation ducts as they are on from 7am-9pm and are a constant irritant to the neighbours nearby. The noise is not such that you would get used to it and block it out and does affect the nearby resident’s quality of life and ability to enjoy their garden space. When I went round in the Autumn of this year another 2 air conditioning vents had been added to the ground floor of the building and they were very noisy and were only placed there in May. There are just too many vents and the combined effect seriously impacts nearby residents. It just seems quite extraordinary that a company can just add all these noisy items without any planning permission and then try and get permission retrospectively – knowing they wouldn’t have received permission in the first place.