Area of responsibility


Lead Member


Strategy, Finance & City Regeneration




Co-leads on Procurement


Cllr Joy Robinson & Cllr Tristram Burden


Major Projects


Cllr Julie Cattell


Customer Support


Cllr Jilly Stevens


Human Resources


Cllr Julie Cattell




Cllr Jilly Stevens


Trade Union Liaison and Whistleblowing


Cllr Jacqui Simon


Housing & New Homes







Cllr Paul Nann


Housing Liaison for Equalities


Cllr Faiza Baghoth


Home Move and Transfers


Cllr Amanda Grimshaw




Cllr TJ Sheard


Culture, Heritage, Sports, Tourism & Economic Development




Sport & Leisure


Cllr John Hewitt




Cllr Birgit Miller


City Centre Renewal


Cllr Alison Thomson


Business Support, Growth & Innovation


Cllr Ty Goddard


Night-time Economy


Cllr David McGregor


Planning Policy


Cllr Gill Williams


Community Wealth Building


Cllr Amanda Evans


Equalities, Community Safety & Human Rights




Community Safety


Cllr Andrei Czolak


Food Poverty


Cllr Mitchie Alexander


Disability Rights


Cllr Bharti Gajjar


Refugee & Migrant Integration


Cllr Chandni Mistry


City Environment, South Downs and The Sea




Green Spaces


Cllr Maureen Winder


South Downs National Park & Marine Biodiversity


Cllr Theresa Fowler


Health & Well Being




Lead Member for Adult Services


Cllr Tristram Burden


Ageing Well


Cllr Ty Galvin


Children, Families & Schools




Lead member for Children’s Services.


Cllr Lucy Helliwell


Child Safeguarding


Cllr Emma Daniel


Audit & Standards




Audit & Standards


Cllr Joy Robinson