Brighton & Hove City Council


Procurement Advisory Board


2.00pm3 April 2023






Present:   Councillor Osborne (Chair), Yates (Opposition Spokesperson), Evans and Druitt


4                School Meals Contract


4.1         The Head of School Organisation, Richard Barker, introduced the report starting on page 25 of the agenda.


4.2         Cllr Yates stated that setting up an advisory board for the procurement had         worked well and highlighted that future complex procurements may wish to          consider doing the same.


4.3         The Head of Procurement, Cliff Youngman, confirmed that:


·         Following the Home to School Transport issues, setting up an advisory procurement board was felt to be most appropriate given the highly politically sensitive nature of school meals and to ensure the best contract was brought to PAB before going to the Children, Young People & Skills Committee.


4.4       RESOLVED: The Procurement Advisory Board to provide recommendations         to the Children, Young People & Skills Committee on the following:


                      i.        The procurement and award of a contract for School Meals, with an initial term of 4 years, commencing on the 1 August 2024, with the option to extend for a further 2 periods of 12 months.

                    ii.        To note the conclusion of the School Meals Procurement Board

                   iii.        The procurement will be via a further competition through a framework agreement, ESPO Catering Services, under Lots 1.

                   iv.        That delegated responsibility be awarded to the Executive Director Families, Children and Learning to procure and award the contract (including any extension years).

                    v.        The proposed specification of the contract under which the governing boards of primary schools, special schools or the Pupil Referral Unit can determine to be part of.