Actions from Central Area Panel meeting 14.02.23


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Investigate the missing padlocks for the individual bin chute rooms on each landing of Essex Place and why the rooms are not being cleaned

Justine Harris/ Chloe McLaughlin

All chute rooms have padlocks. There are no bulky items in them as they are all secure. The cleaner will sweep them out on the days that she cleans the landing, this is once every four weeks.




Follow up with contractors re removing the scaffolding

plank from the roof at Homestead

Geof Gage

This has been completed and an email and photo of the roof and repair carried out as a result was sent to Mr Miller.




Undertake peer review and investigate what other local authorities do regarding H&S concerns, particularly tailgating, in relation to the automated door at Essex Place

Geof Gage

We have made contact with other authorities and in general terms they advised that they meet the requirement of timings on main entrance doors to suit the guidance and requirements for this. There is no further advice on extending times or to provide a button to execute the closure quicker. We have ensured that the timings meet the requirements to allow people with mobility issues or with push chairs etc. to exit and enter without cause for alarm or rush and we are compliant.                                 




Follow up with security company working in Essex Place to reiterate instructions

Jan Dowdell

Janet has followed up with the security and improvements are being monitored by the Housing Office who monitors block security.




Follow up with Norman Williams regarding reported ASB in and around Essex Place

Kenna Kendall

Two main ASB issues have been reported.  Housing are working closely with the police, a group of young people were coming on to the estate and committing ASB. The police have a profile set up, extra PCSO patrols are taking place. The other issue relates to a resident of Essex Place creating ASB in the communal gardens. The duty Housing Office is in contact with reporters and will maintain regular contact.




Requests clean up at Essex Place

Jan Dowdell

Janet Dowdell and Justine Harris undertook a site visit with Linda King on 20th April.


This is being followed up by a further visit with Housing’s Environmental Surveyor on 16th May with the view to arranging a garden clear up and planting; External area rubbish and bulk waste removal; Removal of signs in the garden area; Power washing-external areas and bin store.




In relation to the Area Panel Review Terms of Reference (3a), consider if details of all residents and resident associations in a councilor's ward could be supplied to them

Hannah Barker

The Community Engagement Team works on request to help connect Tenants & Residents Associations (TRA) and ward councilors together. We cannot share personal details of residents with anyone, because of data protection laws, but we can share a local groups’ generic contact email or mobile number. We support TRAs to set up generic group email addresses, and mobile phone numbers for their group. This helps a group communicate widely with the community and allows them to advertise more freely to everyone.




Resident question C3.3 to be looked into further as response was inadequate

Justine Harris

Question C3.3 copied here for reference. Response provided by Melissa Francis, CityClean

Issue: The refuse collection service for the whole of Sylvan Hall was closed down for several weeks because of a health and safety concern which just affected one block. A private company was then brought in to partially restore the service.

Background: None supplied.  

Action requested: Raise the following questions at Area Panel:

·         Why was the service stopped for the whole estate when only one block was affected?

·         What constitutes a health and safety issue and who decides this?

·         Why were private firms able to collect rubbish but not CityClean?

Officer Response:

Officer contact details:

Thank you for your query regarding Sylvan Hall.

Q. Why was the service stopped for the whole estate when only one block was affected? Following the incident where a staff member sustained an injury collecting bins, an initial assessment was undertaken and as a result bin stores were closed where it was identified there was a health and safety risk.  Collections continued from bin stores where it was determined safe to continue collecting.

Q. What constitutes a health and safety issue and who decides this. If there is an incident or near miss, a review of the task is completed, and a risk assessment is undertaken.  The employer (Brighton & Hove City Council) has a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees.  Therefore, the Council makes the decision on what constitutes a health and safety issue to protect staff and not expose them to risks.  

Q. Why were private firms able to collect rubbish but not CityClean?  Private firms are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, and we cannot comment on their health and safety practices.  The Council has a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees.



Answer to CA8:  It is not clear what part of the above response is not adequate once this is clarified further information can be provided.


The following blocks are having rubbish collections from them:

The Limes . Larch Bank, Holly Bank-East, Holly Bank-West, Maple House, The Laurels, Birch Lodge, Fir Bank, Hazel Bank, Rowan House, Elm Lodge, The Pines.


The following are not having collections carried out by City Clean . 


A solution for The Chestnuts, The Willows, the Poplars, The Cedars, The Lindens is still being explored, residents will be kept informed.  Due to the number of steps it takes to access these blocks and it being not possible to put in sloped access or reducing the number of steps a solution is more complicated.




Confirm what criteria was used to determine which blocks would have their windows repaired at Sylvan Hall

Geof Gage

The programme was developed on a requirement that was identified by both the window replacement team and the external repairs team as this project was a joint project so as to utilise the one scaffold and hence achieve value for money and potential savings for two sets of scaffolds. The surveys were undertaken jointly by the two project managers.