7 June 2023 Planning Committee – Late List/Additional Representations



Site Address

Application No.



Birch Grove Nursing Home, 1-3 Stanford Avenue


Amendment to conditions:


Delete condition 8 regarding details of photovoltaic array being submitted and approved prior to occupation as duplicated in condition 21.


Condition 21 to be updated to read as follows:


“Prior to installation first occupation, details of any the solar panels and air source heat pumps to be installed shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The approved scheme shall thereafter be implemented in full and maintained as such throughout the lifetime of the development.


Reason: To ensure the visual impact of the development is minimised,

particularly given its location in a conservation area, while allowing for the carbon benefits of these features to be realised, in accordance with Policy DM44 of City Plan Part Two.”




The revised condition will ensure the solar panels and air source heat pumps included in the application are installed and maintained, with the resultant benefits to climate change.



i360, Kings Road Arches, Brighton



Additional Representation:


One additional representation has been received in support of the application so that six letters of support have been received in total.


No additional issues have been raised that have not already been considered in the Officer Report.


26 Glebe Villas




Delete condition and add informative:


Condition 2 requiring commencement within three years is to be deleted because the site is already in use as a dwelling – i.e., one of the uses to be permitted has commenced. 


Add informative:

‘The applicant is advised that in accordance with Part 3, Class V of Schedule 2 to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, no further changes are permitted after ten years from the grant of this permission. Whichever permitted use is in operation at the end of that ten year period, that is the sole lawful use.




24a Saxon Road


New drawing:


New drawings have been received on the 25th May ref PL010 showing the northern side elevation of the development. No


Additional Representation:

Subsequently a further objection was received from a local resident, but no additional issues were raised that had not already been considered and set out in the Officer Report.


Condition 4 to be deleted:


No development above ground floor slab level of any part of the development

hereby permitted shall take place until an application for the approved development has been submitted to and approved by Building Control.

Reason: To safeguard the health of future residents or occupiers of the site from

the impacts of the chimney, and to comply with policy DM41 of Brighton & Hove

City Plan Part 2.




Condition 3 requires that windows affected by the chimney are to be sealed shut so this condition is unnecessary. It also fails the tests for conditions in that it is a matter covered by other regulation, namely Building Control.  



Rottingdean Bowls Clubhouse

Falmer Road




Additional Correspondence:


Additional correspondence has been received in relation to the application, raising concerns over the development proposed. However, no further representations have been received, and the correspondence does not contain information considered to be a material planning consideration or that has not already been considered and set out in the Officer Report.