94 Overhill Drive Brighton BN1 8WJ

Councillor Alistair McNair

Conservative Party Member for Patcham Ward


BH2022/03246 | Erection of 1no. two—storey dwellinghouse and 1no. one-storey dwellinghouse (C3). Alterations to host dwelling incorporating single-storey rear extension and rear dormer. New and altered vehicle crossovers. Associated landscaping. | 94 Overhill Drive Brighton BN1 8WJ


Please accept this letter as my objection to this planning application. I have three objections to this proposed development: increase in off-road parking; overlooking of neighbours; change in character of area.


Increase in off-road parking


The current house, 94 Overhill Drive, is semi-detached with a driveway for two cars, and one garage, possibly accommodating up to 3 cars in total.





















Fig. 1 94 Overhill Drive


The proposal is for two new houses, providing 6 bedrooms, for potentially 8 residents, a significant increase in the number of residents and cars. However, only two car parking spaces are provided for, a loss of one space. If all residents have cars, or only half, this will clearly create significant parking issues for local residents. Clearly this is in contravention of DM36 Parking & Servicing of City Plan Part 2







Where a development is likely to result in overspill car parking onstreet, applicants will be required to submit information, including parking surveys, to demonstrate there is sufficient car parking capacity in the immediate vicinity of the site to support the extra demand created by the new development (p.105).


Overlooking of neighbours


Neighbours, especially those living in Mill Cottages, built in 1781, are rightly concerned that the new houses will significantly overlook their properties. Despite the findings of the Daylight and Sunlight Assessment, it is clear the development will give residents at Mill Cottages a greater sense of enclosure and overshadowing having a building so close to their boundary where previously there was only a fence separating the cottages from a large open garden. Residents in 94a will also be able to look into the gardens of Mill Cottages resulting in a loss of privacy.


Change in character of area


The majority of homes in this area are semi-detached or terraced white homes with large rear gardens and plenty of space dividing them. The proposal is for a terraced block of three two-storey houses as opposed to the semi-detached houses in the area. The development would result in a large block in an unnecessary grey, not in keeping with surrounding property.

















Fig. 2 a comparison of the proposal and a neighbouring property


While many properties in the neighbourhood have been extended, the extensions tend to be small and single-storey, and the style of the extension and the façade of the house in-keeping with neighbouring properties. The building of 94b, although single-storey, will result in a significant loss of garden space between houses, creating a sense of overdevelopment. From Fig. 3 below, it can be seen there is significant distance between the Mill Cottages and 94 Overhill Drive.































Fig. 3 aerial view of 94 Overhill Drive and its distance from Mill Cottages


However, with the new development, this distance will be significantly reduced, and while 94b would be single-storey, the effect of its proximity to Mill Cottages would be significant, not only with potential overlooking from windows in 94a, but also from increased noise with a higher number of residents in close proximity to each other.
























Fig. 4 the proximity of 94b to Mill Cottages in the proposal


If all residents were permitted to develop their properties as suggested in this proposal, the character of Overhill Drive would radically change from suburban to urban. This is clearly potentially setting a precedent which would be very damaging to the character of the area.



I am of the opinion that the proposal would be contrary to Brighton and Hove City Plan Part One Policies CP12 (Urban Design) and CP14 (Housing Density), and policy QD 27 (Protection of Amenity) of Brighton and Hove Local Plan, and DM36 Parking and Servicing of City Plan Part 2.


Should the Local Planning Authority consider granting this application, I request that it is brought to Planning Committee for determination where I reserve my right to speak to my letter and the application.