Appendix 1. Long term trend in Rottingdean NO2 levels µg/m3



Annual NO2 levels µg/m3 (micrograms per meter cubed) 2010-2022 by diffusion tube site




Background notes


Diffusion tubes.

One of these air quality monitors was installed in a position set-back from Vicarage Lane. This showed results hardly higher than the sea-front so monitoring at this site ceased after the end of 2022.


The sea-front sample E32 continues and represents outdoor background concentrations remote from roadside (A259, B2123 or other). The 2022 Air Quality committee report stated that roadside NO2 is about twice as much as background (but used to be more than three times).


Tubes E-25 adjacent with A259 and E-30 Middle High Street (near the planter) continue.


There are two further long-term ones (E22 & E23) close to Dene Mews on cottages either side of RHS.


Vehicle fleet trends


Procurement and fleet replacement with newer and cleaner vehicles slowed from Q2 of 2020.

Legacy diesel vehicles continue to have a significant share of travel. Electric vehicles estimated to be between 1 and 2% of vehicle trips.