Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 13(b)


Subject:                    Member Questions


Date of meeting:    6 July 2023



The question will be answered without discussion. The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion. The person to whom a question, or supplementary question, has been put may decline to answer it. 


The following written questions have been received from Members:


(1)          Councillor Fishleigh- Valley Gardens Phase 3


Will BHCC be re-considering the approved plans for Valley Gardens 3 and what is the current cost estimate?


(2)          Councillor Fishleigh- Speed Cameras


How much does it cost to install and maintain a speed camera, and what advice would you give to residents who would like to see more of these on roads where traffic routinely breaks the speed limits?


(3)          Councillor Fishleigh- Parking Meters


How will people who don’t have mobile phones be able to use parking meters in the city?


(4)          Councillor Fishleigh- Parking Meters in Rottingdean


The two car parks in Rottingdean don't have very good phone reception as they are in a valley so people won’t be able to use the app or call to pay to park. What will the alternative be?


(5)          Councillor McNair- Pedestrian Crossings


Do you know when the s106 money (£18014) set aside for a vital pedestrian crossing in Winfield Avenue, a location close to a primary school and known for its speeding vehicles, will be used? 


(6)          Councillor Earthey- Excessive cycle speeds


What steps can be taken to enforce the speed limit along the undercliff between the Marina and Saltdean to stop cyclists travelling at excessive speeds, and endangering pedestrians?





(7)          Councillor Earthey- Excessive e-scooter speeds


What steps can be taken to prevent e-scooters from speeding along the same undercliff and endangering pedestrian?


(8)          Councillor Earthey- Signage


Is it possible to put very clear signage up at either end of the Undercliff to encourage cyclists who wish to travel from the Marina to Saltdean and beyond to use the cliff-top cycle path as the preferred through-route?


(9)          Councillor Earthey- Signage


Is it possible to erect no-cycling signs and barriers at the three cafes (Ovingdean Café, Molly’s, and The Whitecliffs Café) to protect the food/drink queuing and seating areas from cycles and e-scooters?


(10)       Councillor Earthey- Wardens


Can BHCC offer occasional patrols from cycle or undercliff ‘wardens’ at peak times to enforce restrictions (we have litter wardens, but no 4-year old child ever got put in hospital by the dropping of litter).


(11)       Councillor Davis- A259


Can the Chair update the committee on the progress of the A259 report and give a cost to date on the contractors fess?