Appendix A - 23/24 Parking income savings (3.15m)



         Increase resident permit costs by 15 (Full scheme) and 10 (Light touch scheme) - 0.15m

(This includes removing guest permit for event day Amex Stadium parking scheme)

         Reduce low emission discount (Resident permits / Business permits / Traders permits) from 50% to 25% - 0.2m

         Increasing parking dispensations - 0.026m


These was due to come into effect in Late July alongside changes to the IT system. Removal of guest permit due to be advertised soon.


Off Street parking

         10% increase to off-street paid parking - 0.295m (Implemented)

         Change off street surface car parks to 8am-8pm (extra hour in morning) - 0.02m (Barrier Car parks already 24 hour).

         Reduce weekend tariff at Norton Road Car park Not budgeted


10% increase implemented by May while other two proposals due to come into effect on 17th July.


On Street parking

         10% increase to on-street paid parking - 0.165m

         Change in tariffs from low to high nearer City Centre - 0.4m

These affect the following zones: RSCH (H), London Road Station area (J), Queens Park (C.) and Central Hove N Approximately 0.1m each for each increase. Brunswick & Adelaide (M) is also moving from currently medium tariff to high tariff.


10% increase and tariff boundary changes were due to come into effect on 17th July but have been put on hold.


         Change all on-street parking to 8am-8pm (or 24 hours) - 0.13m

         Light to full parking schemes / combining zones - 0.3m (For four years)


These need to be linked due to requirement to change all signing in a parking scheme. Light to Full scheme committee report required which is planned for Sept / Oct 2023.


         New potential resident parking schemes - 0.115m



         Removal of Pay & Display machines - 0.22m

         Reduce Concessionary Travel payments To reflect journeys 0.95m

         20% increase in parking suspensions - 0.18m