Actions from North Area Panel meeting 6th June 2023


Deadline for staff to respond:{9am on 10th August}


All staff please note Date ACTION completed refers to when the requested action is done (or planned to be done if outstanding) not this form is filled in.


Ref & Date Outstanding actions raised



Response including what is completed & outstanding

Is Action Completed or Outstanding?

Date Action completed

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Provide an update to residents on the window replacement programme for Hollingdean (Southmount and Dunster Close), Bates Estate, Highcroft Lodge and Sylvan Hall.

 Geof Gage


Not on planned window programme at this time


Dunster Close

Not on planned window programme at this time


Bates Estate

2024-2025 (Selsfield Drive) Reviewing the remainder of the blocks to look at seeing if they can be joint works for future programmes.


Highcroft Lodge

Not on planned window programme at this time


Sylvan Hall

2023-2024 (1-22 Hollybank + 1-9 Rowan House)

2024-2024 (1-6 Maple House + 1-12 The Willows + 1-6 Elm Lodge) Other blocks will be included in the major works programmes





Visit Tavistock Down to investigate and organise removal of offcut branches, weeds growing through pavements, overgrown bushes, branches left on grassy area and trees and bushes overgrowing a footpath

Justine Harris, Chloe McLaughlin, Julian Joseph

Awaiting update at time of writing, this work has been requested but not actioned.




Send the cleaning schedule for Sylvan Hall to Barney Miller and pick up with City Parks regarding cut grass being left and abandoned areas filled with sycamores

Justine Harris

Estates Service Manager in contact with Barney Miller in relation to the cleaning schedule


Justine Harris has followed up general grass cutting with City Parks. Awaiting response at time of writing, verbal update to be given at AP            




Contact Theresa Mackey regarding damp and mould issues in Highcroft Lodge

Grant Ritchie

I have emailed Theresa and awaiting a response.




Confirm if leaseholders/ residents can be allowed access to see the works on the roof of Mimosa Court

Geof Gage

Unfortunately, this is not possible, we have raised this with H&S and Insurance and as the access is via a roof ladder it has been advised we cannot allow this access. We will take a video of the completed works and circulate / show in a meeting.




Acknowledge that the installation of solar panels at Mimosa Court was a resident initiative

Martin Reid/ Justine Harris

We received a request from residents concerning the installation of Solar PV and this was followed up and installed to the block




Look into why no mowing is being done at Mimosa Court

Justine Harris

At time of writing awaiting response from City Parks.




Follow up with Jim Hornsby directly to provide an update on the submitted EIB/EDB bids from residents at Mimosa Court

Justine Harris

In communication with Jim Hornsby, following up outstanding questions in regards to the response.




In relation to RQ N2.1, follow up with City Clean regarding refuse collections from Southmount and advise Desmond Jones


For ref: N2.1 - Refuse and Recycling Collection (Bates Estate) - June 23.docx

Martin Reid

Verbal update to be given at Area Panel




Provide an update on the solution for refuse and recycling collection at the Chestnuts, the Willows, the Poplars, the Cedars and the Lindens and consider the proposal for communal bins on the street at Princes Crescent further

Justine Harris

The decision as to whether bins are placed on Princes Crescent will not be with Housing. Princess Crescent is Highways land and non HRA properties. At the moment there is no final solution has been agreed to the rubbish and recycling from these blocks.




Visit Highcroft Lodge to look at the refuse collection situation given the inaccessibility of the communal bins for elderly residents and rubbish overflowing

Justine Harris

Visit will be undertaken with Estates Service Team leader, Chris Goodwin. Verbal update to be given at AP.





Visit Horton Road to deal with repairs to damaged fences and hanging off gates

Grant Ritchie

We need more details on the location of the required repair before I can arrange a site visit.