City Environment, South Downs & The Sea Committee

Agenda Item 16a


Subject:                    Petitions referred from Full Council


Date of meeting:    19 September 2023


Report of:                 Executive Director for Governance, People & Resources


Contact Officer:      Name: John Peel

                                    Tel: 01273 291058



Ward(s) affected:   All



1.            Purpose of the report and policy context


1.1         To receive petitions presented at the public engagement meeting held on the 20 July 2023.


2.            Recommendations


2.1         That the committee responds to the petition either by noting it or where it is considered more appropriate, calls for an officer report on the matter.


3.            Context and background information


3.1         To receive the following:




1)           Re-open the Pavilion Garden toilets

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to reopen the Royal Pavilion Gardens Toilets by 1st August 2023. The closure of these toilets is wrong on Equalities' Grounds. Older people, those with some medical conditions & many with restricted mobility are being stopped or discouraged from using the Gardens & the Pavilion Gardens Cafe. The nearest public toilets at the Jubilee Library are not easily reached by a significant number of people – however easy it is for others.

The Pavilion Gardens Cafe provides a unique outdoor attraction for local residents and tourists. With unmatched, beautiful views of the Gardens & Royal Pavilion, it makes every sense for Cafe and Garden users - and City Centre shoppers - to be able to access the existing public toilets.

A similar Petition on '' was signed by 1,762 people in October 2022. BHCC argued in response that high levels of anti-social behaviour and drug use in the toilets can make it unsafe at times for their staff and for


members of the public. Acting to reduce public drug use & anti-social behaviour is both a Sussex Police & a Council responsibility. Ongoing closure of these public toilets on such grounds is an abdication of that responsibility by both Police & Council.

Since at least mid-2022, we have been told that 'Conversations' on this issue have been ongoing between CityClean and the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust, Sussex Police, the Council's 'Community Safety Team' & their Culture, Tourism & Sport Team. Cafe and Garden users and shoppers need action not further 'conversations'.

We ask our Councillors to reopen and maintain these toilets – using the relevant intelligence, imagination & resources of these different teams to ensure that they are open for August & September, 2023.

Council proposals for a reorientation & rebuild of the toilets are linked to a date in 2026 at the earliest!