Appendix C


Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 12:33 PM
To: EHL Licensing <>
Subject: Re:1445/3/2023/03084/LAPREN Retail sale of Alcohol 5 Hove Street, Hove B3 2TR


CH CON END 04.09.2023 VALID PPN (A)


Dear Sir/Madam


We wish to make representation on the above application dated 7 August 2023 by:


1445/3/2023/03084/LAPREN Retail sale of Alcohol

Martin and Pine Ltd

5, 5B and 5C Hove Street




We are:



Our REDACTED licence application.


We have the following concerns on the grounds of Public Nuisance.


Concerns on the grounds of noise.



The building on REDACTED





Concerns on the grounds of smell


We are concerned that there will be kitchen smells associated with the licence whereas at present there are none.

These could affect REDACTED by the premises.


If our concerns are addressed, then we would have no objections to the licence.











On 16 Aug 2023, at 11:31, REDACTED wrote:

CH CON END 04.09.2023 VALID PCD, PPN (B)



I REDACTED premises of Angel Antiques.

My objections are :-


1) That the current use of the premises is as a junk shop and unless a complete change of use is allowed there is no requirement for such a licence.

2) Next door to Angel Antiques is REDACTED which already has a licence, there is no need, and potentially a public nuisance, to have two next to each other. The REDACTED just a further few yards up Hove Street also has a licence for off sales of alcohol.


3) Hove Street is largely residential and like me ( Im REDACTED and my

REDACTED is also a REDACTED) many are old and do not relish having our peace and quite disturbed any further


4) Within the period dating to a couple of years before the Pandemic at least two nearby pubs, ( REDACTED and REDACTED) have closed and several of the licensed properties in Church Road run as restaurants have failed. This would surely suggest that the requirement for licensed premises in the area is already saturated.


5) Whilst the entrepreneurial ambitions of Angel Antiques are to be applauded, the existing habit of covering Hove Street with Christmas trees each November suggests that a the granting of a licence to sell alcohol until 11pm may have further undesirable and anti social consequences.
















Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2023 7:51 PM
To: EHL Licensing <>
Subject: Objection of alcohol license

CH CON END 04.09.2023 VALID PPN (D)

Good evening,

I am writing this email to OBJECT to the granting an alcohol license to 'Three Angels' antique shop, on 5 Hove St, Hove BN3 2TR.

There is a pub/restaurant, literally 5 m away from the shop. We have enough nuisance from this already, we don't need another alcohol selling establishment in this street.

Furthermore 'Three Angels' and other shoppers cause enough nuisance, by parking in the motorbike bay area, which is close to the antique shop. On other times these drivers just hog the loading bay all day long.

I've called numerous times the council's parking enforcement, to get their black VW moved, because I couldn't park my motorbike, in the designated motorbike area.