Summary of funding decisions

Budget Council - February 2022

·        It was agreed that additional capital investment for the Carbon Neutral Programme totalling £14.000 million would be available in 2022/23 and 2023/24.  Expanding Liveable Neighbourhoods was identified as one of three priority areas for the allocation of some of these funds.  Further decisions on sums were to be made by the Policy & Resources [P&R] Committee.


ETS Committee - June 2022

·        A report outlined the expansion of the project area to better align with relevant guidance about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.  In addition, the proposed concept plan for the pilot area also included the principle of additional, permanent improvements on the three roads that formed the northern (Elm Grove) and eastern (Queen’s Park Road and Egremont Place) boundaries of the project area. 


·        The estimated cost of the project was reviewed and this indicated that additional funding of up to £1.100 million would be required, in addition to the initial budget of £300,000 from the council’s Local Transport Plan [LTP] capital programme.  The ETS committee therefore agreed to seek this sum from the 2022/23 Carbon Neutral Fund [CNF] via P&R Committee.   


Policy & Resources [P&R] Committee - July 2022

·         Specific allocations of CNF funding to develop and deliver Liveable Neighbourhoods were considered and agreed:-

‘Expanding Liveable Neighbourhoods: £1.100m in 2022/23 and £1.000m in 2023/24’.


·         The supporting narrative in the report included:-

      ‘£1.100m will enable the delivery of a comprehensive pilot LTN scheme

for the Hanover & Tarner area in 22/23, developed through community engagement and consultation.

      £1.000m will enable the development and delivery of a further scheme

in 23/24’


Budget Council - February 2023

·      A Labour Group Amendment (2) to the Budget was considered and agreed which stated:-

‘Reallocating £1.100m of capital borrowing from the 2023/24 Hanover & Tarner Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme[MP1] [AR2] .’ 

This was to fund the capital refurbishment of public toilets.


P&R Committee on 16 March 2023

·      Further discussion and decisions about funding for the Hanover & Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood project in relation to the CNF took place.  A composite amendment proposed jointly by the Green and Labour Groups was agreed which stated:-


‘2.3      That the committee notes the amendment agreed at Budget Council regarding the Carbon Neutral Funding regarding Liveable neighbourhoods, including funding for the Tarner and Hanover LTN.


2.4       That the committee agrees in principle to £1m being used for the Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme that has buy-in from residents, with a clear emphasis on planned road safety improvement measures on Elm Grove, Queens Park Road and Egremont Place, subject to a detailed report back to ETS and P&R committees in the summer to comply with council’s financial procedures.’


 [MP1]Should we also say this was allocated to fund Capital Refurbishment of Public Toilets?