From: Tracy Lucas
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2023 11:00 AM
To: Mark Turner <>; Corinna Edwards-Colledge <>; Diana Leach <>
Cc: Joel Caines <>; Alison Mcmanamon <>
Subject: Amendment to Redeployment Policy


Dear all,

Further to the meeting on 5 September I am writing to confirm the proposed change the redeployment qualifying service period. 

The proposed change is as follows


This policy applies to

Those Council employees whose continued employment is at risk due to redundancy if they have over 2 years service, or if they have under 2 years service but are on an employment contract that is due to be at least two years’ duration. 

At the meeting on 5 September I understand a query was raised about why this change is for employees at risk of redundancy only and not for ill health retirement.  The review was undertaken to respond to issues raised by both unions about the redeployment qualifying period in cases of redundancy.

The scope for medical redeployment is not the two years required for redundancy redeployment and is set out in the policy as

·         employees who have acquired redeployment status through the Attendance Management or Performance Capability processes

This is unchanged in the amended policy.

I am attaching the amended policy which will go to SFCR Committee for approval on 5 October.  If you would like any representations to be considered by the Committee please could you put these in writing to me by Wednesday 19 September.

Kind regards


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