Transport & Sustainability Committee

Agenda Item 24(c)


Subject:                    Deputations


Date of meeting:    3 October 2023



A period of not more than fifteen minutes shall be allowed at each ordinary meeting of the Council for the hearing of deputations from members of the public. 


Notification of one Deputation has been received. The spokesperson is entitled to speak for 5 minutes.


1)            Deputation: Withdean CPZ

We are against the Council’s plan for a Monday to Sunday light touch scheme.

We consider the Council's plan to impose a full week restriction on Wayland Avenue to be unnecessary and undemocratic. The Council has insisted on making Wayland Avenue part of the scheme even though it was driven by a petition from residents in Withdean Road and the plan is geographically incongruous.

Only a small proportion of residents in Wayland Avenue were aware of the initial petition and over half the residents weren't even consulted about it.

A FOI response showed 75% of residents in Wayland Avenue who wanted a light touch scheme, opted for the Mon to Fri choice. Yet, Council officers have said overall 65% of residents were in favour of a full week light touch scheme!

Also, it has come to light recently, that the Council had an agenda to convert all light touch schemes into full schemes. Councillors have been told to liaise with residents to make them aware of this.

It could be argued that if residents had been aware of the Council's longer term plans, more would have voted against it, given the increased charges they and their visitors/carers/tradespersons would incur.

Throughout the consultation process the Council has not been entirely accurate, open, transparent or professional.


We request that the Council does not go ahead with a Monday to Sunday scheme and, at the same time ,  offers assurances it will not make the light touch scheme into ‘all day / everyday’ , which would be contrary to the Council’s original proposal sent to residents.


Supported by:

Richard Hibbitt 

Alison Bryan

Mr Goldsmith

Mrs Goldsmith

Jennie Chamberlain (Lead Spokesperson)

Olivia Chamberlain

Sonny Chamberlain

James Morris




2)            Deputation: Gardner Street TRO


We wish for our concerns about the process of evaluating the response to the TRO to be raised. We are not here to overturn the decision but rather in the hope that we can improve decision making processes so going forward we can work better together to secure a positive future for the North Laine and all its residents.

In terms of the process we’re concerned around 400 objections to the TRO appear to be being discounted. The Councils notice clearly said that objections should be made in writing and gave an email address. Also the line they objected to in the QR generated email was copy and pasted from the proposal. The email started "I object to the reintroduction of driving and traffic on Gardner Street Monday to Sunday 11am to 5pm for the following reasons:" The Notice declares the intention to "revoke the prohibition of driving Monday to Sunday 11am to 5pm". It was intentionally composed using the councils own wording so that they could not do, what they are doing.
So many traders want a greener, accessible North Laine. We’re keen to work together to find a long term solution that could provide both local communities and tourists alike with a retail/leisure area which is healthier for all individuals, safer for children, more prosperous for businesses, and better for the planet.


Supported by:

Stuart Bell (Lead Spokesperson)

Said El faghloumi

Mohammed Boughelam 

Rafet Nese Ertekin Baldry

Vita Koorehpaz

Martha Gladwin