Agenda Item 47 


Subject:                    Net Zero


Date of meeting:    19 October 2023


Proposer:                 Councillor Bagaeen

Seconder:                Councillor Meadows


Ward(s) affected:   All


Notice of Motion


Conservative Group


This Council:


1)         Notes the UK is a global leader in progress towards reaching Net Zero having already cut 1990 level emissions by 48%, compared to 41% in Germany and 23% in France; that the UK has even surpassed the targets most countries have set for 2030, such as Australia, Canada, Japan and the US, and overdelivered on all its previous targets to date.


2)         Notes the UK has set the most ambitious target to reduce carbon emissions by 68% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels – and is the only major economy to have set a target of 77% for 2035.


3)         Notes the UK accounts for less than 1% of global emissions and it is not necessary to rush into Net Zero policies that put financial strain on to residents, particularly the poorest in society.


4)         Recognises that Net Zero policies have the potential to hit the poorest in society hardest, for example by forcing the purchase of expensive electric cars and heat pumps, or limiting travel by petrol or diesel cars in ULEZ style schemes;


5)         Recognises that Brighton & Hove City Council have missed opportunities to alleviate residents’ energy costs by not securing energy from the Rampion Windfarm direct to homes in the City[EC1] ;


This Council therefore resolves to:


6)        Request that costs to residents should always be addressed by officers in reports to both committees and full council when proposing Net Zero policies or actions for the City[EC2] ;


7)        Request that officers do not bring forward reports on Net Zero policies which have a negative financial cost implications for residents.[EC3] 

 [EC1]These two points (4) and 5) are moved up because they are not requesting an action that an individual or body can implement which the resolution needs to do.

 [EC2]Suggested change to make a meaningful resolution. Policies are determined by Council Committees via an officer report. The resolution needs to be capable of being implemented and clear as to who is implementing it.

 [EC3]As above. Have assumed negative rather than direct as assume if the financial consequence was positive that would be ok?