Agenda Item 48


Subject:                    Better Customer Service


Date of meeting:    19 October 2023


Proposer:                 Councillor Theobald

Seconder:                Councillor Hogan


Ward(s) affected:   All


Notice of Motion


Conservative Group


This Council:


1)    Notes the ongoing public dissatisfaction and high volume of complaints Councillors receive from residents about basic council services from missed refuse and recycling to overgrown weeds; to graffiti and litter on our streets, beaches and in our parks; to the general maintenance, upkeep and cleanliness of our city;

2)    Notes that according to the Annual Customer Insights Report, the overall customer service satisfaction rate is 59%; that only 51% of customers find the service easy to access; that stage 1 complaints have increased by 25% since 2021/22; that face-to-face service accounts for less than 5% of all contact; that contact with customers is down 22% overall since 2018;

3)    Notes that a 28% increase in the Brighton & Hove 65+ population is expected in 2030 – from 38,300 to 50,100.

This counciltherefore resolves to:


·         Complete a review of face-to-face Customer Service & Housing Support provided to Brighton and Hove residents from Hove Town Hall and Brighton Town Hall to determine the best options for the future of the service, including locating customer service points in libraries throughout the city.

·         Consider all council-owned buildings should relocation be determined as the appropriate action;

·         Publicise and promote any future changes to the provision widely;

·         Return to previous levels of face-to-face service in recognition of the challenges many residents face in accessing email and telephones;

·         Increase weekday telephone operating hours until 5.30pm;

·         Open face-to-face customer service points at weekends;

·         Reach a satisfaction rate of 70% by July 2024.


Supporting Information:

Annual Customer Insight Report 202223 APX. n 1.pdf (