Brighton & Hove City Council




3.00pm20 July 2023


Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall





Present:   Councillors O'Quinn (Chair), Atkinson, Bagaeen, Davis, Evans, Fowler, Grimshaw, Hamilton, Meadows, McNair, Robins, Sankey, Shanks, C Theobald, West, Wilkinson, Williams, Alexander, Allen, Asaduzzaman, Baghoth, Burden, Cattell, Czolak, Daniel, Earthey, Gajjar, Galvin, Goddard, Goldsmith, Helliwell, Hewitt, Hill, Hogan, Loughran, Lyons, McGregor, McLeay, Miller, Mistry, Muten, Nann, Oliveira, Pickett, Pumm, Robinson, Rowkins, Sheard, Simon, Stevens, Taylor, Thomson and Winder







12             Declarations of Interest


12.1    There were no declarations of interest.




13             Mayor's Communications.


13.1    There was no Mayor’s Communication.




14             Appointment of Honorary Aldermen and Alderwomen


14.1    The Mayor advised that this item of business related to the proposed appointment of previous councillors as Honorary Aldermen and Alderwoman of the City of Brighton & Hove. The appointment was made in recognition of the service given by those past councillors to the Council, the wards they represented and the city.


The Mayor proposed that the following councillors be appointed


Mary Mears

Dawn Barnett

Tony Janio

Leo Littman

Phelim Mac Cafferty

Alex Phillips

Dee Simson

Vanessa Brown

Lizzie Deane



14.2    Cllr Sankey, Leader of the Council formally seconded the motion.


Cllr Shanks Deputy Convenor of the Green Group seconded the motion. 


Cllr McNair Leader of the Conservative Group seconded the motion.


14.3    The Mayor and Councillors from all parties thanked those who were receiving their awards for their service to the public and the Council.


14.4    RESOLVED: That the Motion to appoint those named as Aldermen and Alderwomen be agreed. 




15             Close of Meeting


15.1    The Mayor closed the meeting.





The meeting concluded at 3.25pm







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