To: Liz Hobden

Re: Planning Application BH2023/01186-58-60 Beaconsfield Rd


Dear Liz (cc Rebecca Smith),   

Re: application for change of use of vacant land at 58-60 Beaconsfield Road Application number: BH2023/01186   

I am writing as the Member of Parliament for the Brighton Pavilion constituency, as I have been contacted by constituents who have significant concerns about the planning application that has been submitted for change of use to a vehicle rental premises at this site.  

I share residents' concerns that this planning application contravenes the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in terms of the impact on the health and quality of life of local residents and the local environment and negative contribution that they believe the proposal will make to the character of the conservation area.  

Concerns have been shared with me regarding the significant noise and air pollution that would be created by the manoeuvring of cars in a restricted space adjacent to residents' gardens. My constituents are concerned that the noise impact assessment for the site has only taken into account the jet wash and not the noise of cars being manoeuvred 7 days a week within a small area. Given the space at the site, my constituents note that when vehicles are moved it will involve several gear changes, use of brakes, engine noise to reposition each car and that this should also form part of the noise assessment.

Constituents are also concerned that the proposed change of use and associated noise, and air and light pollution would impact on the wildlife in the area, particularly the embankment, and lead to the loss of another valuable breathing space supporting wildlife in our city centre. With the national swift mapping initiative indicating swifts nesting previously in nearby Ditchling Road, and the evidence connecting the impact of artificial light on migratory birds, it is important that the Planning Committee takes into consideration how floodlighting could also impact not only residents' quality of life but also nearby local wildlife in the area.

There is clearly a strong, active, and engaged local community, galvanised in the active Beaconsfield Arches Community Action Group, who have long been promoting a bid to bring the site into community use, providing much needed space for locally based organisations and maintaining a green space for the use of the local community and wildlife.  The correspondence I have had indicates that the community are still keen to play a key role in creating a viable solution and it is therefore disappointing to hear that Enterprise have failed to liaise with the local community about their plans.

I hope the Planning Committee will consider these points when reviewing and deciding this planning application.   

Kind Regards, Caroline   


Caroline Lucas MP

Brighton Pavilion