Culture, Heritage, Tourism, Sport and Economic Development


Agenda Item 28


Subject:                    Annual remembrance event to mark the contribution of the         Undivided India soldiers


Date of meeting:    9 November 2023


Proposer:                 Councillor Miller

Seconder:                Councillor Robins


Ward(s) affected:   All

Notice of Motion


Labour Group


This Committee notes:


  1. During both World War I and World War II, soldiers from modern-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal took up arms alongside soldiers from every corner of the UK. They played a significant role in supporting the British Empire's war efforts.


  1. Memorials, museums, and commemorative events have been established to honour their contributions. Their experiences continue to inspire discussions about identity, nationalism, and the shared history of the Commonwealth nations.


  1. This includes the Chattri Memorial on the South Downs which was erected on the grounds where 53 Indian soldiers, 37 Hindu and 16 Sikh, were cremated in WW1 and is the only memorial in the city concerning this cause.


Therefore, Committee resolves to request that a report be brought to a future meeting of the Committee which addresses the possibility to:


1.    Establish a remembrance event to mark the contribution of all the Undivided India soldiers, in the form of an annual day of remembrance to be held at India Gate, a sight that was constructed to mark the establishment of the military hospital at the Royal Pavilion.


2.    Work with other organisations across the city, to collaborate on an annual remembrance event.


3.    Lead a campaign to generate awareness of the history and contribution of the Undivided India soldiers to the city, to support education about their contribution for future generations.


4.        Explore potential external funding opportunities to contribute towards the cost of the annual remembrance event and ongoing awareness campaign.