Culture, Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Economic Development Committee

Agenda Item 26 (C)


Subject:                    Deputations


Date of meeting:    9 November 2023


A period of not more than fifteen minutes shall be allowed at each ordinary meeting of the Council for the hearing of deputations from members of the public. 


The spokesperson is entitled to speak for 5 minutes.


1)            Beach Hut Licences

Supported by:


Catherine Biggs

Carol Senders

Ruszom Irawe

Susan Bazire

Peter Phillips


I am the Chair of the Hove Beach Hut Association (HBHA) and represent the majority of the beach hut owners. I am coming to this meeting to seek answers and clarify:

(1)  Why have the HBHA and owners not been consulted prior to the modernised licence being sent out especially after the meeting of the previous committee on 13 December 2018 where Councillor Robins stated that “I would be very happy to work with you in the future and meet with you”?

(2)  Why has there not been a meaningful consultation prior to the Licence being sent out? Particularly the open ended licence fee and reasons for termination.

(3)  We understand the Council has legal opinion on this. Are you able to confirm that you can legally defend yourself in all areas of law including licence versus lease, taxation, and unjust enrichment?

(4)  Are you able to explain how the views of the HBHA members in the written consultation will be taken into consideration?

(5)  Are the Council and Committee open to discussion following the positive suggestions that have come forward for a truly modernised licence that would be beneficial to all parties?











2)            Inadequate Expenses for B&H Remembrance Ceremonies

Supported by:


Martin Lloyd Williams

Ian Smith

Norman Grant

Peter Millar

Angela Reeves


1. Current Costs Allowance: Currently the B&H Remembrance Planning Committee has an allowance of £400/annum for all the activities associated with this important annual Civic Celebration.  This is proving inadequate.


2. Management of Hove Remembrance Ceremony: Three years ago the B&H Council decided that it would no longer manage Remembrance Ceremonies for Hove & Portslade, so the Vicars of All Saints Hove and St Nicholas Portslade took the task on.  This has continued to be over-seen by the B&H Remembrance Planning Committee run by the Mayor’s Office, which has enabled Council support, such as Risk Assessment, Road Closures, Parking Reservations, PA Systems, Police & Security Support etc to be provided by Council and other Departments.  The Ceremony includes – and has always included - the Parade and Wreath Laying at the Hove War Memorial and the Civic Service at All Saints Church afterwards.  Both are attended by a Lord Lieutenant or Deputy, the Mayor of B&H and the Hove MP with approaching 200 other participants and members of the public. However, costs incurred by all Saints Hove have not been taken into account to date.


3. All Saints Hove Remembrance Ceremony Costs: These are not re-imbursed by the Council, which is wrong, as the Church should not bear them, and the Trustees cannot permit it to bear these costs, which come to around £210 per annum.


Parking Bay Suspension: In addition this year we have been asked to pay for parking spaces to provide the space for the Remembrance Ceremony at the Hove War Memorial as it is necessary to suspend parking for the day at 10 adjacent parking bays.  The B&H Parking Operator wished to charge £18/bay to reimburse them for loss of parking revenue for the 3 hours of suspension, a total of £180.  The All Saints organiser managed to persuade them to forgo the charge this year but was told it  must be paid in future years.


4. Brighton Remembrance Ceremony Costs: To date these have used up all the financial allowance.


5. We contend that full direct costs incurred over and above Council and Police Services for the B&H Remembrance Ceremonies should be covered by B&H Council, so suggest that the B&H Culture Committee increase the allowance to the Mayor’s Office for the Ceremonies be increased to £1,500.