Brighton & Hove City Council



COMMITTEE                                           Agenda Item 34(b)


Subject:                    Public Questions


Date of Meeting:     15 November 2023


Report of:                 Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law


Contact Officer:      Shaun Hughes



Wards Affected:     All







1.1      To receive any questions submitted to Democratic Services.




2.2      That the Committee responds to the questions.

Public Questions:

Housing & New Homes Committee: 15 Nov 2023

1.         Daniel Harris


“This is in relation to agenda item 37 Lettings Plan: Mobility classified properties.

In light of the absence of consultation on the significant changes proposed for Social Housing Allocations, which we deem as not minor but rather major, driven by a discriminatory policy highlighted as early as January publicly,

we ask: Can the council provide a firm commitment to collaborate with and actively consult both services and members of the Homemove Brighton Action Group moving forward?

Every action has a reaction, and it’s crucial to recognise that these changes may potentially leave those in Band B & C Transfers with no meaningful alteration to their circumstances and longer waits.”

2.         Paul Newman


Given that the Annual Report of the 20230 Carbon Neutral Programme 2021-22 sets out the corporate carbon footprint of the Council Housing comprises 24% of the carbon corporate footprint (18% Housing Heating, 6% Housing Electricity) please can you confirm the number of Council housing units by EPC Rating (or equivalent) for each Band from A to G?

Supplementary: what are the targeted measures being taken in the next 4 years to improve housing units’ ratings for those currently in Band G, Band F, Band E, and Band D?

Paul Norman (Hanover Action: towards a sustainable community)


3.         David Gibson


The policy proposed by November’s committee which now deems the private rented option as “suitable” and potentially forces people to accept less secure, more expensive and often poorer quality private rented accommodation (and out of our area accommodation) under the threat of losing housing support is a step backwards for homeless people. Surely it is better that private rented is a choice rather than a compulsion. Having previously opposed forcing homeless people into insecure private rented housing against their will, please can the new administration explain what has changed their view and why this new approach is preferable now?