Appendix A – The scope of the Parking Review


The successful service provider will be expected to provide an independent and costed parking review with recommendations and financial forecasts where appropriate. The review must include but is not limited to: 

  1. Review impacts of parking bay reduction, including associated impacts from current active travel schemes and upcoming initiatives. 
  2. Review the parking tariff structures. 
  3. Review budgets and savings implications. 
  4. Conduct citywide parking review to address parking bay occupancy, displacement, loading facilities, motorcycle parking and the nighttime economy.  
  5. Review implications of permits sales and the associated impacts on parking availability. 
  6. Undertake a comprehensive review of current parking charges. To include detailed comparison with other cities for on street, off street as well as permit fees and charges. 
  7. Feasibility study for Car Free Developments. 
  8. Recommendations to reduce resident permit waiting lists. 
  9. Reviewing bay usage in the city to determine its fit for purpose. 
  10. Advise on future parking and traffic related initiatives which will benefit the city. 
  11. Review CityParks pricing structure to ensure consistency with nearby parking areas. 
  12. Conduct a review of city car parks to look at opportunities for promotion and advertising. Include considerations for the future as part of a lifecycle plan. 
  13. Investigate community wealth building and social value opportunities. 
  14. Promote a sustainable economy by considering impacts to businesses and shopping areas.