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 Transport & Sustainability



Subject:                    Cycle Hangars installation update following TRO-38-2023

Date of meeting:    5th December 2023

Report of:                 Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture


Contact Officer:      Name: Matthew Reid

Tel: 07878683795

Email: Matthew.E.Reid@brighton-hove.gov.uk Ward(s) affected: All

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Note: The special circumstances for non-compliance with Council Procedure Rule 7, Access to Information Rule 5 and Section 100B (4) of the Local Government Act as amended (items not considered unless the agenda is open to inspection at least five days in advance of the meeting) were that additional time was needed for the assimilation of TRO comments.


1.            Purpose of the report and policy context


1.1                              The aim of the cycle hangars project is to provide access to safe and affordable cycle storage and encourage modal shift in line with the Local Transport Plan (LTP) 5 and the Local Cycling,Walking and Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).


1.2                              On the 6th July 2023 the Transport & Sustainability Committee, authorised officersto progress the roll out of CycleHangars across the city with the target of installing 150 hangarsin total and that furtherreports detailing progressare submitted to the committee. This report providesan update on the installation of cycle hangars within Brighton, following the TRO consultation TRO-38- 2023.


2.            Recommendations


2.1                             That Committeenotes that 40 cycle hangershave been installedfollowing the positive TRO-38-2023 consultation. A further 8 hangars from TRO-38-2023 are also ready to be installed, with planned installation in March 2024.


2.2                              That the Committee agrees, that having taken account of comments and representations received through the TRO consultation, 8 locations will not have cycle hangers installed. Please refer to paragraph and table in 3.8.


2.3                              That Committee, notes that officers are planning to advertise a further TRO (TRO-52-2023) for an additional 51 cycle hangarlocations (see AppendixC). The results of this consultation will be presentedto Committee in March 2024, if objections are received.



3.            Context and background information


3.1                              At Budget Council on 25th February 2021, the Council committed funding towards the implementation of cycle hangars.This funding was subsequently included in the LTP Programme at Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee in March 2021 and again at the February 2022 Budget Council.


3.2                              At the Transport & Sustainability Committee meeting on 6th July 2023 it was agreed that the roll out of cycle hangars should continue with the objective of installing a total of 150 hangars in the city before the end of March 2024.


3.3                              New cyclehangar locations were advertised throughthe Traffic Regulation Order TRO-38-2023 (TRO), advertised between 8th September and 6th October 2023. Please refer to Appendix A.


3.4                              Following TRO-38-2023 (TRO), 40 hangars were installed between October and November 2023, these are listed in appendix B and were the sites that registered the least objections. These 40 hangars combined with the 71 alreadyinstalled within the city bringsthe total of installed cycle hangars to 111. Additionally a further 8 hangars from TRO-38-2023 are also ready to be installed, with planned installation in March 2024.


3.5                              Of the 60 advertised locations, 48 received less than 6 objections and 44 received messages of support.


3.6                              Eight locations received over 6 objections. Most objections were related to concerns around the loss of parking. Other concerns were the visual impact, graffiti, and safety. There were however a number of supporting statements, common themes of which were, meeting a need, lookingforward to utilizing the proposed hangar, a positive idea.


3.7                              In order to achieve the target of 150 installed hangars (see paragraph 3.2) a further 51 locations are being consulted upon and advertised through TRO-52-2023. Prioritisation of installation across both TROs is based on locations which receive the least objections, being installed first. By following such a method of prioritisation officers expect the target installation of 150 hangars to be achieved.


3.8                              As the target of 150 installed hangars is likely to be achieved following TRO-52-2023, officers recommend that the following locations from TRO-38-2023 which received six or more objections, or an objection from a councillor are not installed.


TRO Consultation 38-2023:- Locations where no Hangars will be installed.


ROAD NAME                 No. of         TRO-         Messages     Context of Objections hangars Objections of Support


Carisbrooke Road






Loss of parking/ No

demand/ concern over graffiti, impact on view

Coleman Street H1 & H2






No demand/ Ugly/ noise/

loss of parking



Shakespeare Street (H2),










Concerns of noise, Loss of Parking, Ugly, Not needed, too close to properties.









loss of parking/noise/no

demand/graffiti/other suitable sites


Islingword Place







Concerns have been expressed regarding noise, loss of parking, choice of location, graffiti.


Chester Terrace







4 objections from the

public and one from a Cllr.







3.9                              In line with the Committees approval 6th July 2023 a new two-year, cost- neutral contract with Falco UK Ltd for the management and maintenance of the 150 hangars is currently being negotiated. The contract is due to commence on the 1st April 2024. During this contract period officers will explore and present options to committee for alternative management models.

4.            Analysis and consideration of alternative options


4.1                              In November 2021 a survey was carried out to determine residents’ suggestions for cycle hangar locations. There were over 2,000 responses from residents, resulting in 525 roads being requested across the city.


4.2                              A scoring matrix was developed, which considered the number of requests from the survey, the type of property (flat or house), cycle storage at the property, propensity to cycle and levels of cycle theft in the area. All 525 roads have been scored on the matrix.


4.3                              Various factors were considered when choosing locations, including demand from the survey, drainage, sightlines/clearance, street furniture, conservation areas and access to properties.


4.4                              The higher scoring roads were prioritised, and 71 hangars were installed in 2022.


5.            Community engagement and consultation


5.1                              As referred to in section 4.1 above an initial residents' survey was advertised asking for residents to identify locations for cycle hangars. Over 2000 residents responded to this survey. These locations were considered as part of the initial assessment process. The survey was widely published in the press, on social media and on the council website.


5.2                              All proposed locations for a cycle hangar are discussed with internal officers and then Ward Councilors before TRO’s are advertised.


5.3                              TROs associated with the hangars are advertised on the council website and in the local press and distributed to our Statutory Consultation list. This advertisement provides people with the opportunity to comment on the proposed locations of the cycle hangars. Residentsthat live withinview of the proposed locations are sent letters with the details of the TROs and exact proposed locations of the hangars.

6.            Conclusion


6.1                              Following the TRO consultation officers have taken onboard comments received and have provided recommendations as set out in section 2. Following the consultation of TRO-38-2023, officers are implementing a programme to install 48 new hangars.


6.2                              Within TRO-38-2023 8 hangar locations received 6 or more objections and officers are asking Committee to note officers' recommendation not to install these hangars.


6.3                              Further hangar locations are being advertised with the objective that BHCC will by 31st March 2024, achieved its target of the installation of 150 hangars across the city. A target agreed with Falco UK Ltd who will then take on the management and maintenance of these hangars for two years in a cost neutral contract.


7.            Financial implications


7.1                               At Budget Council on 25th February 2021, the Council committed £0.500m Capital budget towards the implementation of cycle hangars across the city on a self-funding businesscase. A further£0.500m was also committed at the February 2022 Budget Council. The Capital project is funded through unsupported borrowings with both loan and interest charged to the City Transport divisions revenue budgets over the life of the asset, which is assumed to be 10 years, based on other equipment acquisitions. This works out at approximately £0.120mper year. Any significant variationto budget will be reported as part of the council’s monthly budget monitoring process.


7.2                               Approximately £0.184m remains in the capital budget to support the installation of the remaining hangars and to provide project resources.


7.3                               The approximate loss of income to the parking revenue is approximately £0.046m per annum for 150 cycle hangar installations. This figure is based on a review by the councils’ parking team. This latest review accounted for potential income loss based on the income received from paid for parking and resident permits. It took into account the fact that some areas are under utilised, and loss of parking will not have an effect. The figure includes a 5% contingency to allow for parking price increases. All figures are estimated and based on the most expensive permits and vehicle categories.


7.2               The cycle spaces are currently charged at £60 per annum, per space and each cycle hangar has 6 spaces. The revenue is received by Falco UK. Officers are in the process of negotiating a new two-year contract with Falco UK Ltd, to commence on the 1st April 2024. This contract will maintain the current arrangement, whereby all rental income from the hangars is received by Falco UK Ltd. This will enable Falco to provide all management and maintenance for 150 hangars.

7.3               Costs of officer time and Traffic Regulation Orders will be contained within existing Transport Revenue budgets. Any significant variation to budget will be reported as part of the council’s monthly budget monitoringprocess.


Name of finance officer consulted: John Lack    Date consulted: 10/11/2023

8.            Legal implications


8.1                              The HighwaysAct 1980 permitslocal authorities to place objectsor structures on a highway for the purposes of providing a service for the benefit of the public, or a section of the public.


8.2                              The Traffic Management Act 2004 places a duty on local traffic authorities to manage the road network with a view to securing, as far as reasonably practicable, the expeditious, convenient, and safe movement of all types of traffic. The Council regulates traffic by means of traffic regulation orders (TROs) made under the Road TrafficRegulation Act 1984 which can prohibit, restrict, or regulate the use of a road, or any part of the width of a road, by vehicular traffic. After the public notice of proposals for a TRO has been advertised, any personcan object to the making of the TRO. Where there are 6 of more unresolved objections to a TRO, then the matter must be returned to the Transport & Sustainability Committee for a decision. The Committee can decide to make the TRO unchanged, to make it with modifications that reduce the restrictions or not to proceed with it.


Name of lawyer consulted: Katie Kam            Date consulted (07/11/23)


9.            Equalities implications


9.1                             The Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA) for the cycle hangars project has been carried out and is attached in appendix D.


9.2                              Some of the cycle hangars will be provided with spaces for non-standard cycles (including those used by families, disabledusers and otherswho need adapted cycles) to enable all users to access this provision.


9.3                              As part of the identification of potential locations for cycle hangars an evidence-based prioritisation process was undertaken to assess where there is the greatest need and the greatest benefit to residents. The process used datasets such as Indices of Multiple Deprivation Health and Disability.


10.         Sustainability implications


10.1                       The scheme aligns to the city’s development plan policy SA6 Sustainable Neighborhoods.


10.2                       The Falco cycle hangar units are powder coated using sustainable powder coatings.

10.3                       Falco products are manufactured Falco products are manufactured in their own 35,000m2 production facility which meets International Standards for Organisation (ISO) - ISO 9000 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environmental) and National Association of CorrosionEngineers (NACE) CO2 Level 3 standards.


11.         Other Implications [delete any or all that are not applicable]


Social Value and procurement implications


11.1                       A procurement process was undertaken to find a suitable supplierfor the cycle hangars and approved by the Procurement Advisory Board on 26th July 2021.


11.2                       The new contract with Falco will include a social value offering.



Crime & disorder implications:


11.3                       There’s potential for criminal damage and graffiti to the cycle hangars. This has so far been minimal and not reported to police. Officers will continue to monitor this.


Public health implications:


11.4                      Supporting and encouraging people to own and use a bicycle could help the city to be a healthy and caring place; one where healthy life expectancy is increasing through the promotion of physical activity and health inequalities are reducing.


Supporting Documentation Appendices:

Appendix A:- Locations advertised through TRO-38-2023 Appendix B:- Installed hangars from TRO-38-2023

Appendix C: Future proposed hangar locations TRO- 52-2023


Appendix D- B.Hangars EIA



Background documents


Transport & Sustainability Committee 6th July 2023 – Cycle Hangars Review & Recommendations for Future Management https://democracy.brighton- hove.gov.uk/documents/s191332/Cycle%20Hangars%20-

%20Review%20and%20Recommendations%20for%20Future%20Managem ent.pdf