6th December 2023 Planning Committee – Additional Representations



Site Address

Application No.


Item C, p64

17 Old Shoreham Road


Updated Conditions:


Remove condition 2 (commencement within 3 years) as works have started on site.

2. The development hereby permitted shall be commenced before the expiration

of three years from the date of this permission.

Reason: To ensure that the Local Planning Authority retains the right to review

unimplemented permissions.


Amend condition numbering accordingly.


Item E, p99

8 Rothbury Road


Further Arboricultural Details Provided


The applicant’s appointed arboriculturist has provided further information and confirmation that the species of tree T1 (at the rear of 12 Rothbury Road) would have shallow roots unlikely to be significantly impacted by the proposal.


As already noted in the Committee Report (p102), the Arboricultural Officer raises no concerns. Condition 4 (p100) requires works to be undertaken in a manner which protects trees on the site:


“4. Any necessary excavation works are to be hand-dug only and any concrete used

in foundation works shall be poured within a protective sleeve to prevent

leaching into the ground.


Reason: To avoid any irreversible damage to retained trees on adjacent land

during the construction of works, in accordance with SPD 06, and policy DM22

of Brighton & Hove City Plan Part 2.”