Agenda Item 68





Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan – Decision Statement


Date of Meeting:

14 December 2023


Contact Officer:


Anthony Soyinka



Wards Affected:

All Wards


For General release


Action Required of Council:

To receive the recommendations of the Culture, Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Economic Development Committee meeting on 9 November 2023 for consideration.



That Council:


1.1       To determine that the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan be modified according to the recommendations in the independent examiner’s report and as set out in the attached Decision Statement (Appendix 1) and that the Decision Statement be published.


1.2       To approve the examiner’s recommendation that the Neighbourhood Plan proceed to referendum, subject to modifications set out in the Decision Statement. The referendum area is the Hove Station Neighbourhood Area.


1.3       In the event that more than 50% of those voting support the Neighbourhood Plan at referendum, that the Council formally ‘makes’ the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan at its next meeting following the referendum.