Appendix E


Sent: Friday, December 8, 2023 7:45 PM
To: EHL Licensing <>
Subject: Support for Nowhere Man's Application for an Alcohol Licence 53 Upper North Street, Brighton 1445/3/2023/04411/LAPREN


Dear Licensing team,

I’m contacting you on behalf of myself and my partner, both as residents of REDACTED to heartily endorse and encourage Nowhere Man’s application for an alcohol licence.

Nowhere Man is not just in our opinion the best eatery in Brighton but the cultural hub and heartbeat of our little part of the city. From craft nights, colourful “can’t miss it” shop front and quintessentially Brighton decor, Nowhere Man has not just bought its unique character to upper north street but galvanised the community with a personality I have yet to find anywhere else.

In fact, before moving to Brighton several years ago, it was over a plate of their famous pancakes, soaking in the restaurants ambience that we both made the decision Brighton was where we wanted to be and when we did move we were fortunate to stick close to the place that had helped capture our hearts.

Nowhere Man manages to simultaneously serve and respect the locals whilst bringing in major interest from tourists. It is the first stop many of our visiting friends make with a reputation that far proceeds itself. All comment on the welcoming environment, unique and entrancing aesthetics and how authentic the community feel is.


When you consider the fantastic location, wonderful food and pitch perfect interior design it is no shock the restaurant attracts creatives, longtime residents and a host of Brightonians. I believe adding the option of an alcohol licence to what is already a responsibly run and respectable business is not only going to enhance its already established reputation but enrich the neighbourhood as a whole.


Public Safety:

Nowhere Man already prioritises public safety through attentive staff and well-lit premises. With the alcohol license, the cafe will no doubt continue its commitment to public safety with additional safety measures, such as alcohol training for staff and collaboration with local emergency services, enhancing the overall safety of the establishment. The staff have always looked after the customers and kept a level of professionalism that will undoubtedly continue whilst serving alcohol, I have the upmost confidence in the owners to approach public safety with a continued care.

Prevention of Public Nuisance:

As a responsible business, they have maintained a low impact on the surrounding community. The introduction of an alcohol license will provide an opportunity for the cafe to refine and enforce existing guidelines on noise levels, further minimising any potential nuisance to local residents. There is no doubt in my mind that the staff and owners will continue with their principles and professional approach towards avoiding having an impact on the local community with the awarding of this alcohol licence.

At every opportunity Nowhere Man has respected our community and been considerate and conscientious of their impact in the city and tried to do right by all concerned; this gives me no doubt the addition of later opening hours would be run with professionalism, sensitivity and most of all would act to further stimulate the economy of the patch of the city I call my home.

As a resident I would wholeheartedly implore Brighton Council to help support a business that has truly been a credit to the city and a lynchpin of our community.






















Sent: Friday, December 8, 2023 5:50 PM

Subject: Re: 1445/3/2023/04411/LAPREN




I have amended my original email below to include the aspects you have mentioned, thank you for your guidance:

I am writing as an active and dedicated resident of our community to express my strong support for Nowhere Man’s application for an alcohol licence. Having been an integral part of our city for the past nine years, Nowhere Man has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering a sense of community and providing a welcoming space for residents.

Nowhere Man has become a cherished establishment, offering not only delicious food (they are famous for their pancakes) but also serving as a hub for community engagement. The cafe hosts regular craft clubs twice a month which has added value to our community, providing residents with opportunities to connect and be creative.

The prevention of crime & disorder:

The cafe has always maintained a welcoming and safe environment. Granting an alcohol license will allow for the responsible sale of alcoholic beverages under controlled conditions, reducing the likelihood of disorderly conduct, the staff are very professional and I have always felt safe, they promote a very calm relaxed experience, which is not conducive to crime or disorder. The setting itself is also very relaxing and calm and I cannot imagine excessive drinking or disorderly taking place there.

I believe that granting Nowhere Man an alcohol licence will further enhance its ability to contribute positively to our community. Allowing the cafe to open in the evening would not only cater to the preferences of residents but also attract a diverse clientele, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. This, in turn, could contribute to increased foot traffic, benefitting other local businesses and fostering a vibrant local economy.

 I am confident that Nowhere Man will continue to uphold the highest standards of responsible alcohol service, ensuring that the establishment remains a safe and enjoyable space for all patrons. The cafe's proven track record of responsible community engagement leads me to believe that the addition of an evening service will be executed with the same level of professionalism and consideration for the neighbourhood’s well-being.

Prevention of Public Nuisance:

Being a long term customer of Nowhere Man I have witnessed it being run in a very responsible manner. I believe that the management will continue to prioritise the community's peace and tranquillity. With their guidelines in place, the cafe effectively manages noise levels and prevents any nuisance to local residents. I have attended some of their acoustic music events over the last few years and they have been very respectful towards the locals and have not allowed anyone outside in the back yard area.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly support Nowhere Man's application for an alcohol licence and believe that it will not only enhance the cafe's offerings but also contribute positively to the vitality of our community. I trust that the council will carefully consider the positive impact Nowhere Man has had on our city when reviewing this application.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.