City Environment, South Downs & The Sea Committee

Agenda Item 39(b)


Subject:                    Member Questions


Date of meeting:    23 January 2024



The question will be answered without discussion. The person who asked the question may ask one relevant supplementary question, which shall be put and answered without discussion. The person to whom a question, or supplementary question, has been put may decline to answer it. 


The following written questions have been received from Members:


(1)          Councillor Pickett- Bulky Waste Charges


Again, your manifesto states that your party intends to to bring about an end to collection charges for bulky waste. Can the Chair explain how this proposal fits with the recent independent auditor’s report which encouraged the council to consider increasing fees and charges wherever possible to address the looming budget deficit facing the city?


(2)          Councillor Pickett- Dogs Being Poisoned On The Beach


I was concerned to read recent reports of dogs becoming seriously unwell after visiting the seafront in Hove. I understand the council has launched an investigation. Can you update us to any findings, and outline what form this type of investigation takes?


(3)          Councillor Pickett- Pocket Park Street Planters


The council committed to establishing a series of pocket parks around the city, particularly in areas where cars are being parked on pavements. These pocket parks are being funded by residents. However, I am aware that currently, none are being approved due to the understandable worry that the council will have to take on the costs for maintenance and possible removal at a later date as has happened in the past. I understand a Department for Transport report, that includes a Manual for Streets, is being drafted to include legal agreements between the council and resident groups, that might include a deposit to cover future costs. When can we expect this report and action to get more planters in place as many residents are keen to improve their car-heavy areas with natural planting?