Brighton & Hove City Council


Licensing Committee (Licensing Act 2003 Functions)


3.00pm 12 October 2023


Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ - HTH/CC




Present: Councillors Daniel (Chair), Sheard (Deputy Chair), Pickett (Opposition Spokesperson), Baghoth, Cattell, Czolak, Davis, Fowler, Hewitt, McGregor, Nann, Robinson and Theobald


Apologies: Councillors Lyons and Thomson





12          Procedural Business


(a)          Declarations of Substitutes


1.1         There were none.


(b)          Declarations of Interest


1.2         There were no declarations of interests in matters listed on the agenda.


(c)          Exclusion of Press and Public


1.3         The Committee considered whether the press and public should be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of any of the items listed on the agenda.


1.4       RESOLVED: That the press and public not be excluded.




13          Minutes of the Previous Meeting


RESOLVED – That the minutes of the Licensing Committee (Licensing Act 2003 Functions) Meeting held on 11 July 2023 be agreed and signed as a correct record.




14          Chair's Communications


The Chair gave the following communications:


Jim will be presenting a report regarding the Cumulative Impact Assessment following the consultation exercise recently carried out. There will also be a wider comprehensive review of the overarching Statement of Licensing Policy beginning next year.


Following the work the licensing team have been doing into tackling modern slavery, including inputting into a national report into “Understanding the Potential of Licensing Frameworks and Teams to Tackle Modern Slavery”, Jim Whitelegg has been asked to present a webinar on licensing partnership working to prevent modern slavery. This will be highlighting some of the work that the licensing authority has done in raising awareness of modern slavery as well as the enforcement action that has been taken as part of a multi-agency approach.




15          Callover


Item 18 (Cumulative Impact Policy – Cumulative Impact Assessment 2023) was reserved for discussion.




16          Public Involvement


There were none.




17          Member Involvement


There were none.




18          Review of Cumulative Impact Policy - Cumulative Impact Assessment 2023 (consultation response report)


18.1 The Chair invited Jim Whitelegg to introduce the report starting on page 13 of the Agenda.


18.2 Councillor Theobald was informed that:


·         The Police have a team that patrols the night time economy within the CIZ as well as a response team that overlaps the CIZ (Cumulative Impact Zone) and SSA (Special Stress Area).

·         Other teams exist inside the neighbourhood policing team to engage with customers and licensees.


18.3 Councillor Pickett was informed that thorough Equalities Impact Assessment would be completed in the following weeks from that date, and that further zones within the CIA would be considered.


18.4 Councillor McGregor was informed that the crime statistics for anti social behaviour vary throughout the year.


18.5 Councillor Robinson commented on the likelihood that crime rates would be worse without the CIZ.


18.6 Councillors Nann and McGregor were informed that there was no data to measure any negative economic impact of the CIZ.


18.7 Councillor Sheard was informed that all consultation responses are taken into account regarding the future of the CIZ.




That Committee:


1. Maintain the current cumulative impact assessment and zone and publish the Cumulative Impact Assessment, and;


2. Conduct a further review of the CIA and special policy, including the matrix as part of the wider statutory statement of licensing policy review to be commenced in 2024.




19          Items Referred For Council


Item 18 (Cumulative Impact Policy – Cumulative Impact Assessment 2023) was referred to the 19 October Full Council Meeting.





The meeting concluded at 3.15pm







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