Brighton & Hove City Council




4.30pm1 February 2024


Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall





Present:   Councillors Asaduzzaman (Chair) , Atkinson, Davis, Evans, Fishleigh, Grimshaw, Meadows, McNair, Robins, Sankey, Shanks, C Theobald, West, Williams, Alexander, Allen, , Baghoth, Burden, Cattell, Czolak, Earthey, Gajjar, Galvin, Goddard, Goldsmith, Helliwell, Hewitt, Hill, Hogan, Loughran, Lyons, McGregor, McLeay, Miller, Mistry, Muten, Nann, Pickett, Pumm, Robinson, Rowkins, Sheard, Simon, Stevens, Taylor, Thomson and Winder









80             School and College Based Counselling across Brighton and Hove


80.1    The Deputy Mayor stated that where a petition secured 1,250 or more signatures it could be debated at the council meeting. He had been made aware of one petition and invited Fi Abou-Chanab and Tally Wilcox to join the meeting and to present the petition concerning School and College-Based Counselling across Brighton and Hove.


80.2    Fi Abou-Chanab and Tally Wilcox thanked the Deputy Mayor and presented the petition which had been signed by over 2500 people in less than 3 days.


80.3    Councillor Czolak moved an amendment on behalf of the Labour Group which was formally seconded by Councillor Taylor.


80.4    The Deputy Mayor put the Labour Group amendment to the vote which was carried.


80.5    The conservative group abstained from the vote.


80.6    Councillor Goldsmith, Hogan and Earthey spoke on the petition.


80.7    The Deputy Mayor then put the recommendations as amended to the vote which was carried.


80.8    RESOLVED


(1)  That the petition was noted and referred to the next Strategy, Finance & City Regeneration Committee for consideration. 







91             Close of Meeting





The meeting concluded at 9.14pm







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