Cllr. Samer Bagaeen

BH2023/03236 – Emblem House, Home Farm Business Centre

9th January 2024:

Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application


Comment Reasons:

- Overdevelopment

- Poor design


Comment: Neither economic development nor the policy team saw a reason to comment on this application. The extension is in breach of its planning and enforcement were right to pick this up. If economic development saw no need to comment because of the absence of business impact, then the comment from the applicant in the planning statement that the removal of the extension would adversely impact on the business requirements of the applicant, with associated risk to local employment is false. Others have objected here noting that it would be a good thing of the business requirements of the applicant were harmed given it is engaged in an unethical business model but that is not a planning issue.


I also disagree with the applicant statement that if the extension were to be removed, this would also cause environmental harms through the loss of the embodied carbon in the existing structure, and the loss of materials that would be enter the waste stream as a result of the removal.


There are plenty of carbon and circular economy schemes that the applicant can contribute to and it feels lazy to simply say the loss of materials would be a waste. That is not true and the applicant should work harder to find a suitable home for the removed structure and materials.


Please refuse this planning permission and instruct the applicant to remove the structure.