Cllr. Kerry Pickett

BH2023/03236 – Emblem House, Home Farm Business Centre

9th January 2024:

Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application


Comment Reasons:

- Adversely affects Conservation Area


Comment: As a resident and Green councillor of Brighton and Hove I object in the strongest terms to this proposed application submitted by L3 Harris.


The continued presence of L3-Harris in Brighton brings the council's and our area's reputation into disrepute: expanding this arms factory puts our area on the map for all the wrong reasons. Furthermore, this factory is located in a nature reserve. Private companies, particularly those whose industry contributes to death and destruction, should not be allowed to expand within this area.


Most importantly, I object on the grounds that L3-Harris' weapons have been shown by respected international bodies including the United Nations, to have been used in conflicts to attack civilians and civilian infrastructure. This has been seen in Yemen, and most recently we have seen this in Palestine, where the Israeli army have used bomb racks and bomb release mechanisms made

here in Brighton to murder over 22,000 innocent Palestinians - many of whom are children.


Approving this application would send a terrible message about Brighton and Hove Council's values and make the council complicit in the continued genocide being committed in Gaza, aided by weapon parts made in our city.


Brighton and Hove City Council's Constitution says that all decisions "will be made in accordance with respect for human rights". Military action against civilians using weapons from L3-Harris in Gaza, violates the basic principles of International Humanitarian Law and has been condemned by the United Nations, Amnesty International and many other human rights experts. This application

should not be approved in line with the council's own constitution.