Decision - Next Steps for our Vibrant City Region Economy

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Next Steps for our Vibrant City Region Economy

Decision Maker: Greater Brighton Economic Board

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


31.1      The Board considered a report that proposed the next steps for the Greater Brighton Economic Board that were focused on developing the City Region’s long-term economic priorities and goals, exploring options for new delivery models for services relating to economic development and growth and ensuring that the City Region partners continued to have the capacity to deliver.


31.2      The Chair stated that whilst he acknowledged the issue was one of sensitivity and a difficult topic, he was of the view that the City Region would be presented with the opportunities to make bids for devolution and now was the time to undertake the work to ensure the region was in the best position it could be when that came about.


31.3      Councillor Blackman stated that he supported devolution but thorough stakeholder’s analysis would certainly be required as a fundamental part of progression to this end.


31.4      Councillor Wall stated that the timetable may need to be adjusted as there would naturally be a delay in progress due to the upcoming local elections. Councillor Wall urged that work on the matter not be rushed and that it represented good value for money.


31.5      Jenny Rowlands stated that she felt it would be productive for the leaders of each authority to hold discussions on the matter.


31.6      The Chair stated that he felt it important that draft proposals be produced in order for that discussion to be facilitated.


31.7      Councillor Theobald stated that there need to be a shared vision on the matter as it would be a sensitive issue for some areas.


31.8      Nick Hibberd stated that it was intended to pause on the matter ahead of the elections in May. However, there would need to be some informal work undertaken and whilst he was mindful of not rushing proposals, there was a need to press ahead.


31.9      Councillor Humphreys welcomed this update for allaying his concerns as he felt there was certainly a need to report after the national and local elections in May.


31.10   Dean Orgill asked if business would be requested for input on the matter.


31.11   Nick Hibberd stated that there would be no specific engagement on this piece of work as there were no direct implications but that the report would be circulated to partners including the Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership.


31.12   John A. Peel stated that it was important to establish a way forward but Board Members would have discretion over when the policy proposals would be pitched.


31.13   Councillor Blackman asked if a member oversight group would be established.


31.14   Geoff Raw stated that this was a helpful selection and consideration could also be given to a meeting between stakeholders, businesses and elected members.


31.15   RESOLVED- That the Greater Brighton Economic Board:


(1)          Develops, in consultation with stakeholders, the City Region’s long-term economic priorities and goals, building on the evidence base relating to the City Region’s economy, housing market and transport system that is currently being developed by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP).


(2)          Develops draft policy proposals for a coherent and sensible devolution proposition for the City Region, which supports the delivery of the long-term economic priorities and goals and ensures that the Greater Brighton local authorities are best able to collaborate to maximise economic development and regeneration.


(3)          Assesses and recommends options for the most effective delivery model for the services relating to the City Region’s economic growth, including the possible identification of additional shared services and the appraisal of different models of service delivery, to ensure that the Greater Brighton partners have the continued capacity to deliver.


Report author: Thalia Liebig

Publication date: 13/03/2015

Date of decision: 13/02/2015

Decided at meeting: 13/02/2015 - Greater Brighton Economic Board

Accompanying Documents:


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