Decision - Solar PV programme for HRA Housing stock

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Decision details

Solar PV programme for HRA Housing stock

Decision Maker: Housing Committee

Decision status: For Determination

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


Business case and proposal for a solar PV programme across HRA housing stock


Resolved: That Housing Committee:


2.1      Delegates authority to the Executive Director, Housing Neighbourhoods & Communities to take all steps necessary to:


2.1.1   procure and award a contract for the installation of a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1000 domestic solar PV arrays for the period 2020-2023, the budget for the first 500 to be allocated as set out in 2.2. below, with the additional 500 to be commissioned subject to grid and contractor capacity as referred to in paragraphs 4.18-4.20 below and to the necessary additional budget approval from Policy & Resources Committee;


2.1.2   increase this to at least 2500 installations by 2026 subject to further Committee approval of budget allocation and the constraints set out in paragraphs 4.18-4.20 in the report but mindful of the council having approximately 4000 domestic properties suitable for such arrays.


2.2     Recommends Policy & Resources Committee allocate the following additional budget to allow for the delivery of the initial 500 domestic solar PV arrays for the period 2020-23:

· 2021/22: £875k;

· 2022/23: £875k;


2.3      requests that a report covering the scope to expand the solar PV

programme be brought to Committee no later than the fourth quarter of 2021 i.e. ahead of 2022 Budget Council.

Report author: Miles Davidson

Publication date: 17/06/2020

Date of decision: 17/06/2020

Decided at meeting: 17/06/2020 - Housing Committee

Accompanying Documents:


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