Issue - items at meetings - Support the 'Great British Refurb' and the creation of more eco-jobs and training in the city

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Support the 'Great British Refurb' and the creation of more eco-jobs and training in the city

Meeting: 17/09/2009 - Cabinet (pre 2012) (Item 70)

70 Support the 'Great British Refurb' and the creation of more eco-jobs and training in the city pdf icon PDF 53 KB

Proposed by Councillor Turton (copy attached).

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70b.1  The Cabinet considered the following Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Turton:


“The Council welcomes the Great British Refurb that is planned across the country and the subsequent creation of jobs and training opportunities across the City.


The Council recognises that the refurbishment of Britain’s schools, public buildings and council housing to improve energy efficiency has had received wide ranging support.  The Renewable Energy Association has called the Government’s plans ‘very positive, visionary and ambitious and the Local Government Association has called the plans a ‘a major step forward’ and the LGA have asked that energy suppliers pay a £500m annual charge to help fund a home insulation programme that would save 10 million households £280 a year on their energy bills, and create up to 20,000 new eco jobs.


Key proposals of the Great British Refurb include;


§         Finance packages to install energy efficiency measures and low-carbon heat and power sources would be offered to householders.  Repayment from part of the savings on energy bills would be linked to the property, rather than residents.


§         Combined with guaranteed cash payments by way of a Renewable Heat Incentive and a Feed-in Tariff for small scale electricity generation, the payback for homeowners who switch to low-carbon technologies and save energy would start from day one.


§         Options for improving the delivery of energy efficiency advice and measures, including establishing a central coordinating body funded by energy companies and working to Government-set targets.


§         Rolling out low-cost home energy audits, developing a qualification for energy advisers, and establishing an accreditation scheme for installers.


The Council accepts that it will also have a large role to play in developing renewable and low carbon heat and electricity, such as district heating schemes and asks:


(a)         The Cabinet Sustainability Committee to consider its responsibility to ensure;


§         Local schools, colleges and universities take full advantage of any future qualifications and apprenticeships linked to the instalment of environmentally friendly technology in the City’s homes,


§         Local people are kept informed of the benefits of the Great British Refurb, such as any paybacks for homeowners who switch to low carbon alternatives and training opportunities in green industries, through council publications such as the website and City News,


§         Work with local energy companies based in the City, as well as government departments to guarantee the best options, in terms of energy packages, training opportunities and jobs for residents and young people in the City,


(b)         The Council asks the Cabinet to consider whether there is a wish for any involvement in the roll out of the Great British Refurb, particularly with regards to any future skills and training initiatives, and


(c)          That the Acting Chief Executive write to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to outline the Council’s support for the scheme.”


70b.2  Councillor Turton was unable to attend the meeting.


70a.3  The Chairman explained that the Notice of Motion was timely as it coincided with a report being prepared in respect of 'Environmental Industries' and as the items were linked, it would be appropriate to consider them together. The Chairman reported that the Notice of Motion would be referred to the Sustainability Cabinet Committee on 13 October for further discussion and that Councillor Turton would be invited to attend.


70a.4  In response to a question from Councillor Mitchell the Chairman stated that she would provide written confirmation that the Acting Chief Executive had written to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to outline the Council's support for the scheme.


70a.5  RESOLVED – That the Notice of Motion be noted and referred to the Sustainability Cabinet Committee.


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