Agenda for Adult Social Care & Public Health Sub-Committee on Tuesday, 12th September, 2023, 4.00pm

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Agenda and decisions

Venue: Hove Town Hall - Council Chamber. View directions

Contact: Penny Jennings  Democratic Services Officer

No. Item


Procedural Business

    (a)  Declaration of Substitutes: Where Councillors are unable to attend a meeting, a substitute Member from the same Political Group may attend, speak and vote in their place for that meeting.


    (b)  Declarations of Interest:

    (a)      Disclosable pecuniary interests

    (b)      Any other interests required to be registered under the local code;

    (c)      Any other general interest as a result of which a decision on the matter might reasonably be regarded as affecting you or a partner more than a majority of other people or businesses in the ward/s affected by the decision.


    In each case, you need to declare

    (i)        the item on the agenda the interest relates to;

    (ii)      the nature of the interest; and

    (iii)     whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest or some other interest.


    If unsure, Members should seek advice from the committee lawyer or administrator preferably before the meeting.


    (c)  Exclusion of Press and Public: To consider whether, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted, or the nature of the proceedings, the press and public should be excluded from the meeting when any of the following items are under consideration.

    NOTE:  Any item appearing in Part Two of the Agenda states in its heading the category under which the information disclosed in the report is exempt from disclosure and therefore not available to the public.


    A list and description of the exempt categories is available for public inspection at Brighton and Hove Town Halls.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 404 KB


Chair's Communications



    (a)      Items (18 – 24) will be read out at the meeting and Members invited to reserve the items for consideration.


    (b)      Those items not reserved will be taken as having been received and the reports’ recommendations agreed.


Public Involvement

    To consider the following matters raised by members of the public:


    (a)         Petitions: to receive any petitions presented by members of the public to the full Council or as notified for presentation at the meeting by the due date of (10 workingdays);


    (b)         Written Questions:to receiveany questionssubmitted bythe due dateof 12 noon on the 6 September 2023;


    (c)         Deputations:toreceive anydeputations submittedby thedue date of12 noon onthe 6 September 2023


Member Involvement

    To consider the following matters raised by councillors:

    (a)         Petitions:toreceive anypetitions submittedto thefull Councilor atthe meetingitself;


    (b)         Written Questions: to consider any writtenquestions;


    (c)         Letters: to consider anyletters;


    (d)         Notices of Motion: to consider any Notices of Motion referred from Council or submitted directly to theCommittee


Items Referred from Council


Recommissioning of the the Carers Hub for Brighton and Hove pdf icon PDF 226 KB

    Report of the Executive Director, Health and Adult Social Care (copy attached)


    RESOLVED - (1) That the Sub Committee agrees to the re-commissioning of the Carers Hub for Brighton & Hove; and

    (2) Grants delegated authority or the award of a new contract to the Executive Director, Health and Adult Social Care to procure and award a new contract to provide a Carers Hub.


Supported Living Prior Information Notice and Award- Outcome Report pdf icon PDF 152 KB


Young people's Substance Use Support Service Contract pdf icon PDF 389 KB


Residential and Nursing Care Home Block Contracting pdf icon PDF 291 KB

    Report of the Executive Director Health and Adult Social Care (copy attached)


    Please Note: The Appendix to this report is exempt under paragraph 3. If the Sub Committee wishes to discuss any information contained in the appendix they will need to do so whilst the public are excluded.

    Additional documents:


    RESOLVED - That the Sub Committee grants delegated authority to the Executive Director, Health and Adult Social Care to take all necessary steps to procure and award multiple block contracts for a period of eight years (8 Years) which will run with bi-annual breaks i.e., two (2) plus two o (2) plus two (2)plus two (2) for residential nursing beds.


Part Two

    Consideration of Appendix 1 to Item 24 (if Members deem appropriate)





    To consider whether the items listed in Part Two of the agenda and decisions

    thereon should remain exempt from disclosure to the press and public.


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