Agenda for Environment & Community Safety Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Monday, 9th November, 2009, 4.00pm

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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Mary van Beinum, Scrutiny Support Officer 

No. Item


Procedural business pdf icon PDF 54 KB


    26a Declarations of Substitutes


    Councillor Averil Older was substituting for Councillor Tony Janio; Councillor Paul Steedman had given his apologies re Item 31, Management of Roadworks.


    26b Declarations of Interests


    Councillors Geoff Wells and David Smart stated that they served on the Planning Committee.


    26c Declaration of Party Whip


    There were none.


    26d Exclusion of Press and Public


    In accordance with section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, it was considered whether the press and public should be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of any items contained in the agenda, having regard to the nature of the business to be transacted and the nature of the proceedings and the likelihood as to whether, if members of the press and public were present, there would be disclosure to them of confidential or exempt information as defined in section 100I (1) of the said Act.


    RESOLVED: That the press and public be not excluded from the meeting.




Minutes of the Previous scheduled meeting held on 14 September and call-in meeting held on 6 October pdf icon PDF 62 KB


Chairman's Communications


    28.1    The Chairman said that due to illness there would not be an officer presentation on item 34; Bus Fares for Young People.  Letters from Councillors and Notices of Motion referred from Council would be dealt with under the ECSOSC Work Programme, Item 36.


    28.2    The 5 November Environment CMM report on Downland Management  that had been called in by 6 October ECSOSC, had been circulated to members of this Committee.


Public Questions

    The closing date for receipt of public questions is 12 noon on 2 November.


    29.       There were none.


Community Safety Forum

    Verbal Update.


    30.1    The Chairman welcomed Councillor Dee Simson Chair of the Community Safety Forum, to the meeting; also Councillor Ben Duncan present in his capacity as the Council’s representative on the Sussex Police Authority.


    30.2    Councillor Simson gave the second regular update and answered questions on the work of the Community Safety Forum and Partnership Community Safety Team.  The number of Local Action Teams (LAT) was still rising; now up to 36. LAT Chairs were coopted members of the CSF and meet regularly outside the CSF thereby gaining a city-wide perspective.  Information packs would be provided to all LAT Chairs even if they could not attend on 16 November.  Lists of Communities of Interest were kept updated.


    30.3    Councillor Simson thanked Councillor Mo Marsh, Chair of the scrutiny review on older people and community safety. The Cabinet would consider a reply to the recommendations, which were cross-cutting, on 9 December.


    30.4    A local police officer attends CSF to discuss crime and disorder performance data; it was pleasing to see the reduction in crime, with total crime at a 10-year low.


    30.5    Councillor Simson referred to a range of recent work on domestic violence including grant funding for vulnerable women in the criminal justice system. She would be speaking at an event to mark the United Nations Elimination of Violence Against Women Day.  The Survivors Network was to  launch a local Rape Crisis Centre; this was a very important area for review.


    30.6    A number of initiatives and projects were under way regarding vulnerable younger people and overconsumption of alcohol; for instance Safe Space, Big Mistake, partnership work with Accident and Emergency at Sussex County Hospital and Street Pastors. The Community Payback Initiative was benefiting both offenders and the community. People’s Day in October again helped to bring together people from all backgrounds. Councillor Simson praised the detailed arrangements between the Council, Police and other partners at the time of the Labour Party Conference. The refresh of the Community Safety and Crime and Drugs Reduction Strategy would shortly be reported to the CSF.


    30.7    The Chair asked for further information on reported levels of hate crime.


    30.8    Members discussed the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership funding for LATs and the Home Office funding in relation to the Labour Party Conference.


    30.9    RESOLVED; that the information be noted.



Management of Roadworks in the CIty pdf icon PDF 100 KB

    Report of the Director of Environment.

    Additional documents:


    32.1    The Traffic Manager introduced the report on the Management of Roadworks in the City, which detailed the Council’s road repairs and Local Transport Plan projects, utilities’ repairs and new accesses that all impacted on the highway; and how these are planned, coordinated and monitored.


    32.2    The traffic manager gave a number of examples of successful joint working between utilities. This was uncommon in the industry and so was being put forward by the South East Highway and Utility Committee as an example of good practice.


    32.3    Regarding enforcement, he said there was a need for some flexibility to take account of unexpected ‘finds’ during excavation. The Traffic Manager told the Committee the areas where new water, gas, electricity and sewerage works were to be expected next.


    32.4    The Committee praised the work of the Traffic Manager and team.


    32.5    RESOLVED (1) that the committee note the overview on the policies and processes in place for managing roadworks in the City.


    (2) That the Traffic Manager and Officers be congratulated for their success in achieving joint working.


Letters from Councillors/Notices of Motion referred from Council pdf icon PDF 183 KB


Draft Minerals and Waste Core Strategy for Consultation pdf icon PDF 80 KB

    Report of the Director of Environment.

    Additional documents:


    33.1    The Senior Planning Officer and Head of Planning Strategy introduced the report on the Waste and Minerals Core Strategy – Preferred Strategy Consultation. Consultation with stakeholders and amenity groups has previously been held on the issues and options in Spring 2008. This consultation stage on the preferred strategy was open for public comment until 2 December 2009.


    33.2    A Quick Reference Guide had been e-mailed around to all Councillors. The Strategy had to be deliverable and demonstrably sound and so constructive challenge was helpful in testing the robustness of the approach.


    33.3    Workshops or public exhibitions were to be held in Uckfield, Lewes, Brighton and Hove and Eastbourne. It was challenging to engage with consultees other than specific amenity groups and officers would encourage greater consultation, for example via Parish Councils if gaps in responses were identified.


    33.4    For Brighton and Hove the main issue for minerals planning is shipping in aggregates including sand  and gravel via Shoreham Harbour. The Strategy encourages efficient use and maximum recycling of these materials. Some Members felt it would be helpful if aggregates recycling targets could be included in the strategy.


    33.5    In terms of the key issue for waste planning, this consultation Strategy takes a medium growth-rate scenario. It does not make any provision for waste from London which conflicts with the South East Plan. Officers outlined that there is robust evidence to back up this approach in the Strategy. The Strategy seeks to focus development on brownfield sites close to the main urban areas, taking into account the many constraints such as the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and South Downs National Park.


    33.5    The strategy is technology-neutral and is flexible enough to be able to accommodate new technologies that may emerge during the period up to 2026 if they offer a more sustainable method of waste treatment. Some Members thought it would be helpful if this could be made clearer in the document.


    33.6    Provision is made in the Strategy for managing green waste under the broader heading of ‘recycling and recovery’ because it falls under both household and commercial waste streams. A new facility has recently been constructed in East Sussex and will shortly be accepting green waste.


    33.7         Recommendation 2.1 was amended on the basis that ECSOSC Councillors could reply to the consultation individually rather than collectively. 


    33.8    RESOLVED  (1) That Members of ECSOSC comment as part of the consultation on the preferred strategy stage of the Waste and Minerals Core Strategy.


    (2)       That ECSOSC notes the progress made on the East Sussex and Brighton & Hove Waste and Minerals Development Framework.


    (3)       That ECSOSC notes the publication of the Preferred Strategy and associated Sustainability Appraisal for a six-week period of consultation which commenced on 21 October 2009.




Bus Fares for Young People pdf icon PDF 64 KB

    Report of the Director of Environment.


    34.1    Due to officer illness this item was cancelled. Councillors needing further information would contact the officers.


London Road Central Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document pdf icon PDF 100 KB

    Report of the Director of Environment.


    35.1    The Planning Projects Manager introduced the summary report on the results of the consultation on the London Road Central Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The final draft SPD document including an implementation plan would be considered by 17 December Environment Cabinet Member Meeting and will form part of the Local Development Framework.


    35.2    Overall the masterplan’s objectives received strong support.     No large-scale changes were being proposed – although modifications are being proposed in response to the consultation, in order to strengthen and clarify the objectives of the Masterplan. The SPD would seek to provide workspace and shop units for local initiatives as well as opportunities for inward investment. It looked to the long term and so needed to be flexible to allow for a variety of economic and development circumstances.  A regularly updated and monitored implementation plan will help to provide a focus to ensure that the masterplan’s objectives are secured.  


    35.3    Answering questions the Planning Projects Manager clarified that the document would neither encourage nor discourage a superstore. Existing planning policies already provide the means to allow the potential impact of any such proposals to be fully assessed.  The SPD reflected the LR2 study in that, due to its location, it will inevitably continue to provide for a large volume of through traffic to and from the city centre. Any potential future changes to the wider strategic transportation network that would impact on the London Road area would need to be judged against the masterplan’s objectives including its environmental improvement proposals and the fact that it is within an Air Quality Management Area. More research on movement and traffic flow was needed; the new pedestrian crossing at Oxford Circus in London was an interesting initiative and its feasibility in respect of Preston Circus would be examined.


    35.4    Members discussed other details arising from the consultation and thanked the officers.


    35.5    RESOLVED that ECSOSC notes the results of the public consultation which will inform the final version of the London Road Central Master plan



ECSOSC Work Programme pdf icon PDF 59 KB


    36.1    The Head of Scrutiny referred to the briefing he had tabled at the start of the meeting which summarised the scrutiny panel options for ECSOSC.


    36.2    On 14 September ECSOSC resolved to set up a Panel to investigate road safety. On 8 October, Council agreed to refer two notices of motion to ECSOSC for scrutiny: reducing the default speed limit to 20mph and rape support services. Councillor G Theobald also asked that ECSOSC conduct a review into the possibility of introducing a 20mph speed limit.


    36.3    Overview and Scrutiny Commission on 20 October prioritised the list of Panels as follows:


    1) 20mph speed limit (to start asap)

    2) Rape and Sexual Assault support services (to start asap)

    3) Disabilities (to start asap)

    4) Cultural provision for children (to start February 2010)

    5) Alcohol-related hospital admissions (to start March 2010)


    36.4    ECSOSC therefore had the option of two simultaneous reviews that would be possible on 20mph and rape support services; or the wider topic of road safety which would necessitate the review of rape support services being delayed.


    36.5    Councillor Ben Duncan set out the reasons for his Notice of Motion agreed at 8 October Council as set out at Item 32C on this agenda. He said that local voluntary and statutory services provided only limited services to support victims of serious sexual assault. There was an urgent need for a review of current services and how they are funded. It was important to hear from partner agencies and victims to help identify gaps in provision and to make recommendations on how to address these.


    36.6    Members discussed priorities and agreed not to go ahead with road safety at this stage but instead to establish two scrutiny panels; support services for rape victims and 20mph default speed limits. This latter should be carefully focussed so as not to include more general road safety issues. The four Councillors who had agreed to serve on the road safety panel would be asked if they were still content to be part of the 20mph panel.


    36.7    RESOLVED to establish two scrutiny panels as follows:


    1)     Support services for victims of rape and serious sexual assault as minuted above at 36.5 and in line with the Notice of Motion approved at 8 October Council


    2)     To investigate 20mph speed limits/zones in line with the letter from Councillor G Theobald (Item 32A on this agenda) and the Notice of Motion approved at 8 October Council  (Item 32B)



Items to take forward to CMM, Cabinet or Council


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