Agenda for Overview & Scrutiny Commission on Tuesday, 16th March, 2010, 4.00pm

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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Tom Hook  Head of Scrutiny


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Procedural Business pdf icon PDF 48 KB

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    79a Declarations of Substitutes


    There were none


    79b Declarations of Interests


    There were none


    79c Declaration of Party Whip


    There were none.


    79d Exclusion of Press and Public


    In accordance with section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, it was considered whether the press and public should be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of any items contained in the agenda, having regard to the nature of the business to be transacted and the nature of the proceedings and the likelihood as to whether, if members of the press and public were present, there would be disclosure to them of confidential or exempt information as defined in section 100I (1) of the said Act.


    RESOLVED: That the press and public be not excluded from the meeting.



Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 26 January 2010 pdf icon PDF 86 KB

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    80.1 RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting held on  26 January 2010 be agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Chairman's Communications

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    81. There were none


Public Questions/Letters from Councillors/Notices of Motion referred from Council

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    82. There were  none.


Targeted Budget Management 2009 - 2010 Month 9 pdf icon PDF 103 KB


The Council's Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 88 KB

    Report of the Director of Strategy and Governance

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    84.1    The Head of Democratic Services gave a presentation on the Forward Plan and Late Items List using the browsing and interaction options using the e-version on the Council’s website. He demonstrated the links to the reports decisions and minutes, and Forward Plan history. The information was kept updated; all Councillors were e-mailed with new Forward Plans, and all Councillors could opt in to a notification when a new decision was made.


    84.2    Edition 22 appeared as the appendix in the agenda papers. Edition 23, covering the period from April to July 2010 had now been published; on 15 March. Late items were those that had been notified but has missed the publication date; theses are published as soon as they area received.


    84.3         Members noted that the website appeared to be aimed at members of the public and made a number of suggestions to help make the Forward Plan more user-friendly:


    a)     To name the Plan ‘Forward Plan of key decisions’ to clarify what it is; and indicate that previous decisions can also be viewed on earlier Forward Plans

    b)     To include a link to the Forward Plan on the front page of the Council’s website to make it easier to find

    c)      To add a section on decision-making and democracy near or at the front page

    d)     To add a brief synopsis on the gist of the decision made, or to be made

    e)     To ‘Headline’ some of the key decisions taken

    f)        To enable a search based on road name as well as Ward name

    g)     To enable a search based on topic area

    h)      To include more detail on reasons for deferral or lateness


    84.4    Members noted that no key decisions delegated to officers had been included in recent editions of the Forward Plan


    84.5    RESOLVED;  that officers be requested to progress development of the Council’s Forward Plan as minuted where possible.











Panel Work Programme pdf icon PDF 81 KB

    Report of the Director of Strategy and Governance

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    85.1    The Head of Scrutiny introduced the report on the Scrutiny Panel Annual Work Programme.  He told the meeting that the Adult Social Care and Housing Scrutiny Committee had recently established a scrutiny panel on autism which did not appear on the list of Panels, tabled at this meeting.


    85.2 With regard to urgent issues at report paragraph 3.5, he clarified that each overview and scrutiny committee could in exceptional circumstances, establish urgent reviews (which may involve re-scheduling their work plans) without the agreement of OSC. This was agreed by the Commission.


    85.3    Members acknowledged that the timeframes for scrutiny reviews varied according to the subject matter etc, but suggested an indicative time limit of around 3 months after the final meeting, for scrutiny Panels to report back to the Parent Committee. This would expedite the flow of information into the Council’s policy-making. It was noted that according to the Constitution the Executive Member or Cabinet was to consider a scrutiny report within two months of it being submitted.


    85.4    The Commission agreed that inviting non-Council representatives to serve on Scrutiny Panels was a positive development. This expertise was unpaid. It was intended to continue to involve independent reps where possible.


    85.5    Members discussed managing public expectations and allocating priorities to different subject matters based on the criteria at report paragraph 3.12.


    85.6    RESOLVED: That subject to the provision for urgent business in minute 85.2, the Overview and Scrutiny Commission agree a process for developing an annual work programme for scrutiny panels as outlined in this report.







Budget Scrutiny Feedback pdf icon PDF 102 KB


Overview and Scrutiny Commission Work Plan pdf icon PDF 58 KB

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    87.1    The Head of Scrutiny introduced the report on the Scrutiny Panel Annual Work Programme.


    87.2    Noting the large number of items scheduled for the following OSC meeting, 27 April, it was agreed to postpone three reports: Climate Change, Complaints and Community Engagement Framework.


    87.3    RESOLVED; that the report be noted



Items to go Forward to Cabinet Member, Cabinet or Full Council

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    88.1    There were none


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