Agenda for Economic Development & Culture Committee on Thursday, 12th March, 2015, 4.00pm

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Agenda, decisions and minutes

Venue: Conference Room 1, Jubilee Library

Contact: Penny Jennings  Democratic Services Officer

No. Item


Procedural Business

    (a)   Declaration of Substitutes: Where Councillors are unable to attend a meeting, a substitute Member from the same Political Group may attend, speak and vote in their place for that meeting.


    (b)  Declarations of Interest:


    (a)         Disclosable pecuniary interests not registered on the register of interests;

    (b)         Any other interests required to be registered under the local code;

    (c)         Any other general interest as a result of which a decision on the matter might reasonably be regarded as affecting you or a partner more than a majority of other people or businesses in the ward/s affected by the decision.


    In each case, you need to declare

    (i)           the item on the agenda the interest relates to;

    (ii)         the nature of the interest; and

    (iii)       whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest or some other interest.


    If unsure, Members should seek advice from the committee lawyer or administrator preferably before the meeting.


    (c)   Exclusion of Press and Public: To consider whether, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted, or the nature of the proceedings, the press and public should be excluded from the meeting when any of the following items are under consideration.


    NOTE:  Any item appearing in Part Two of the Agenda states in its heading the category under which the information disclosed in the report is exempt from disclosure and therefore not available to the public.


    A list and description of the exempt categories is available for public inspection at Brighton and Hove Town Halls.


                Thanks to Committee Colleagues


                Before proceeding to the formal business of the meeting the Chair wished to place on record his thanks to fellow Committee Members for their support during his period as Chair. He sent his best wishes to those who were not standing for re-election, including Councillor Randall a previous Leader of the Council and Councillor Smith who had served for many years as a previous Chair and Executive Councillor in relation to the city’s cultural and sporting offer for their contributions.


                The Chair also placed on record his thanks for the contributions made by key officers and their staff, including the Assistant Chief Executive, Executive Director, Environment, Development and Housing, Head of City Regeneration and Head of City Planning and Development. As a result of their work a number of exciting projects had come to fruition which had improved the economic vibrancy of the city and enhanced its established cultural and sporting offer.


                Members of the Committee also thanked Councillor Bowden for his contribution whilst Chair and wished him future success.


    63a     Declaration of Substitutes


    63.1    There were none.


    63b     Declarations of Interest


    63.2    There were none.


    63c     Exclusion of the Press and Public


    63.3    In accordance with Section 100A of the Local Government Act (“The Act”), the Economic Development and Culture Committee considered whether the public should be excluded from the meeting during consideration of any item of business on the grounds that it is likely in view of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the public were present during it, there would be disclosure to them of confidential information as defined in Section 100A(3) of the Act.


    63.4    RESOLVED – That the press and public be not excluded from the meeting during consideration of any item on the agenda.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 140 KB

    To consider the minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2015 (copy attached).


    64.1    RESOLVED – That the Chair be authorised to sign the minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2015 as a correct record.


Chair's Communications


    65.1    The Chair explained that although he would be referring to a few highlights as part of his communications a full text in respect of recent and upcoming events would be recorded in the substantive minutes of the meeting


    Christmas Open Houses Survey feedback


    65.2    Although Christmas was now a distant memory, the Chair stated that the results of this Survey were now in and made interesting and encouraging reading - based on responses from 20% of participants, there had been:


    Participating venues: 56

    Participating artists: 524

    Total turnover:          £207,446

    Total audience: 30,800


    Brighton Festival and Brighton Festival Fringe


    65.3    Brighton Festival and the Festival Fringe had now been launched both, with excellent programmes to look forward to in May.


    Royal Pavilion & Museums


    65.4    RPM’s “War Stories: Voices from the First World War”

    exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery had closed on Sunday 1 March with 77,429 people having visited it to the end of January 2015.


    Library Service


    65.5    Volunteers and young people had helped mark the 10th anniversary of Brighton’s Jubilee Library last Thursday, March 5th, on World Book Day.Since opening in 2005, Jubilee Library had become the top performing library in the region and second most popular in the country. The building, itself, the centrepiece of Jubilee Square, had won many awards for its contemporary design and energy efficiency.


    65.6    Jubilee Library had re-opened the previous weekend following a brief period of closure in order to make internal improvements. Two new small meeting rooms and a computer training suite where volunteers can help people do things online such as looking for jobs or applying for services had been added. There is more space for customers to study and plug in their laptops and other devices. A new sitting area, which can be used by book groups and community groups has been created on the ground floor. Staff also moved stock and IT facilities to make them more accessible


    Conferences and Tourism


    65.7    Over the last 3 months 12 events had been confirmed which would bring economic benefit of £12m on their arrival into the City. Notable events included:


                                 CASE Europe Social Media Conference – 100 delegates - April 2015


                                 World Irish Dance Championships – 5000 delegates - March 2016 & 2017


                     NUT Annual Conference – 2500 delegates - April 2018 & 2020


    International Confex (18-19 February 2015) – Olympia


    65.8    VisitBrighton had exhibited at International Confex, is one of the UK’s longest standing Industry events. Working in collaboration with VisitEngland the team had joined their Rugby World Cup 2015 themed stand (along with the other host World Cup destinations/venues). Confex was an annual event which attracted a high number of conference organisers from many differing sectors, the show proved to be very productive, many new business connections had been made and conference enquiries for the city had been received.




    65.9    The rebook process is nearly completed for the Partnership year 2015-16, this has resulted in nearly all businesses staying with VisitBrighton (480 businesses) and will result in income of approx. £130,000.


    Press and Marketing


    65.10  Seven press trips had already taken place in 2015 with more booked up until June. Highlights had included Conde Nast Traveller magazine, The Irish Independent and Spartacus Traveller - the biggest LGBT guide in Germany. Coverage had also been logged in the Mail Online, had launched their new Rugby World campaign and had included Brighton & Hove -


    Future for Visitor Services Report


    65.11  The city council and the Tourism Advisory Board received a report jointly commissioned by them on future options for Visitor Services in the city which recommends a more commercial approach and a future outside of local authority.


    Regeneration and Economic Development


    The Open Market.


    65.12  The now completed Brighton Open Market had been shortlisted for the best mixed use development at the national Placemaking Awards. It had also been nominated for best regeneration, best community involvement and best tourism/leisure project in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors South East Awards. This was deserved recognition of an outstanding development which had kick-started the wider regeneration of the London Road and had been achieved by the market traders, the Council and The Hyde Group working together in partnership.


    Launch of Digital Catapult Centre, New England House


    65.13  One of three Digital Catapult Centres in the country is due to open in Brighton tonight. The Digital Catapult is a national centre which accelerates the UK’s best digital ideas, bringing new products and services to market, creating jobs and value for the UK economy.


    Saltdean Lido – Update


    65.14  The Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company have been successful in obtaining £2.3 million of funding from the Coastal Communities Fund and a further £4.7 million from Heritage Lottery Fund to go towards the Lido’s restoration project. This substantial funding is a significant step forward towards the estimated total of £10 million that will be needed to restore the 1930s Grade II* listed lido back to its former glory.




    Active For Life 10 year Anniversary


    65.15  In 2015 the Active for Life project would be celebrating its 10 year anniversary shortly. The project worked to support people living in targeted communities to participate in accessible sport and physical activity sessions in their local community. In 2014 alone, 5000 people registered to the project and there had been a total of 16,000 attendances throughout that year.To celebrate the anniversary there would be a series of special events commencing on the 15 March with an Anniversary Launch Event at Churchill Square. The event would showcase low cost activities and other opportunities to help people to lead active healthy lifestyles across city, and will be supported by project Ambassadors, role models who had benefited from the project over the past 10 years.


    TAKEPART 2015


    65.16  Registrations for the summer’s TAKEPART Festival had increased by 15%, 115 organisations would be providing free or discounted activities within the festival programme in 2015. The festival would take place between 20th June - 5th July. In 2015 there would be a new programme of “Active After Work” for local employees in the city alongside the existing programmes:


    Preston Park launch day

    o   30 sports clubs offering sessions in local schools

    o   3 school sports competitions

    o   Wildpark youth festival

    o   Amazing Activities Programme for disabled children and adults

    o   Active forever event for older people

    o   Bikestock in Stanmer Park

    o   Over 200 free taster sessions across the city


    Driving Growth Award


    65.17  The Chair stated that it gave him great pleasure to be able to announce  the tremendous news that the Regeneration Team had been awarded the “Driving Growth” award the previous evening, a fitting testament to their hard work and innovative approach.


    65.18  RESOLVED - That the contents of the Chair’s Communications be noted and received.


Call Over

    (a)          Items 67 – 72) will be read out at the meeting and Members invited to reserve the items for consideration.


    (b)          Those items not reserved will be taken as having been received and the reports’ recommendations agreed.


    66.1    All items on the agenda were reserved for discussion except Item 70, “University of Sussex Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement”.


Public Involvement

    To consider the following matters raised by members of the public:


    (a)  Petitions: to receive any petitions presented to the full council or at the meeting itself;


    (b)      Written Questions: to receive any questions submitted by the due date of 12 noon on the 5 March 2015;


    (c)      Deputations: to receive any deputations submitted by the due date of 12 noon on the 5 March 2015.


    67a     Petitions


    67.1    There were none.


    67b     Written Questions


    67.2    Mrs Fishleigh was invited to put her question to the Committee. This is set below:


    “What due diligence has been conducted to assess the feasibility of two major outdoor swimming pools within a 4 mile radius of each other?”


    67.3    The Chair thanked Mrs Fishleigh for prior notification of her question and responded in the following terms:


    “Thank you for your question, which I appreciate relates to the proposal for the Open Water Swimming Centre on the Peter Pan site in Madeira Drive and the restoration of Saltdean Lido in which you are involved. Both of these proposals are far more than just outdoor swimming areas.


    The marketing of the Peter Pan site was undertaken with a broad criteria for a leisure based attraction, that could be delivered on a site that has been vacant for many years. Just as the council did not restrict the mix of potential leisure uses for proposals to restore Saltdean Lido e.g. we could have proposed not to allow a fitness gym or a temporary ice rink, restrictions were not placed on the mix of potential leisure uses for the Peter Pan Site.


    It is not considered appropriate for the council to assess proposals for the Peter Pan site directly in relation to the proposed facilities at Saltdean. In my view the proposal for the Peter Pan site has a mix of uses which are potentially viable and would provide a welcome development at a long neglected area. At this stage we are seeking agreement in principle to the proposals so that the details of the transaction will be considered by Policy & Resources in due course.

    For my part I agree with what you are quoting as saying in the Argus i.e. “Saltdean Lido has two key differences in that it is responding to local public demand for community facilities and amenities - it will be a genuine hub with a library, community spaces, events, a cafe and leisure facilities as well as the pool. Secondly, in terms of appeal, the majority of visitors from outside of Brighton will be visiting the lido for its architecture and history. We will run tours and have a heritage centre which a new build will not be able to compete with. We don't think competition is a bad thing.”


    67.4    The Chair then invited Mrs Fishleigh to ask a further question if she have one.


    67.5    Mrs Fishleigh stated that the Save Saltdean Lido Group was very concerned that the proposals in relation to the Peter Pan Leisure Site could compromise their project and all the work that been undertaken to date. Mrs Fishleigh stated that her group considered that provision of a similar facility in reIatively close proximity at a time when measures to close the current funding gap and to bring the revitalisation of Saltdean Lido to fruition could have a detrimental impact, given that it was also located in relatively close proximity (some 3-4 miles distant).


    67.6    The Chair stated that Mrs whilst Mrs Fishleigh’s comments should have been put as a question they had nonetheless been noted. It was important to stress that proposals in relation to the Peter Pan site were at an early stage in their planning process, also, that given the distances between the two venues and the differences in their offer it was considered that they would compliment one another. Once completed the Lido would be an iconic building representing an example of architecture of its period which would provide a family centred pool and community facilities for that part of the city whilst having a wider appeal across the city a large. The proposals in respect of the Peter Pan site would provide open water swimming facilities which it was hoped would have a national appeal and would provide an essentially very different offer.


    67.7    Representatives on behalf of the locally based consortium who had put forward the Peter Pan offer were present at the meeting and at the request of Members they were permitted to give a brief presentation immediately following this item for the benefit of members of the committee and the members of the public who were present including Mrs Fishleigh.


    67.8    RESOLVED – That the position be noted.


    67c     Deputations


    67.3    There were none.


Member Involvement

    To consider the following matters raised by councillors:


    (a)      Petitions: to receive any petitions submitted to the full Council or at the meeting itself;


    (b)      Written Questions: to consider any written questions;


    (c)      Letters: to consider any letters;


    (d)      Notices of Motion: to consider any Notices of Motion referred from Council or submitted directly to the Committee.


    68a     Petitions


    68.1      There were none.


    68b     Written Questions


    68.2      There were none.


    68c     Letters


    68.3      There were none.


    68d     Notices of Motion


    68.4    There were none.


Statement of Community Involvement 2015 pdf icon PDF 74 KB

    Report of the Executive Director, Environment, Development and Housing (copy attached)

    Additional documents:


    RESOLVED – That the Committee adopted the Statement of Community Involvement 2015 subject to minor editorial or grammatical changes to be agreed with the Director of Environment, Development and Housing.


    69.1    The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director of Environment, Development and Housing seeking adoption of the new Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) to replace the currently adopted version. The SCI set out the procedures and processes for consultation and engagement in the planning process. The draft SCI had been agreed for consultation at Committee meeting held on 13 November 2014. The draft SCI had been subject to a period of eight weeks public consultation which had run between 20 November 2014 to 16 January 2015.


    69.2    Councillor Randall commended the report which in his view was timely because it provided an update on changes that had occurred in the legislation and the current position. In answer to questions it was explained that at the present time the focus would be on working pro-actively in the existing conservation areas.


    69.3    Councillor Brown referred to Neighbourhood areas which had been established in the city to date and sought clarification regarding how conservation groups would feed into that process and which groups would be consulted as part of the preliminary consultation. Councillor Brown stated she was concerned to ensure that Neighbourhood Fora were consulted in relation to the SCI and on other matters germane to the areas they represented. It was agreed that the precise wording specification of bodies (as listed in the Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004 (as amended)) would be clarified and that Members would be advised of this information following the meeting. It was confirmed however that even if there was no specific reference to neighbourhood fora in the Regulations they would be regarded as key general consultees and would be approached as such. As a minimum bodies and individuals identified as Statutory and general consultee bodies on planning documents at the relevant statutory consultation stage and anyone else who had asked to be notified of consultation events would be consulted.


    69.4    Councillor Hawtree noted the contents of the report which he considered to be a very useful document. He stressed that it was important for consultation documents to be written as far as was practicable in a clear and concise style which encouraged responses. It was also important to identify means of engaging more citizens in that process. It was confirmed that officers were aware of this issue and were actively seeking to address it.


    69.5    RESOLVED – That the Committee adopted the Statement of Community Involvement 2015 subject to minor editorial or grammatical changes to be agreed with the Director of Environment, Development and Housing.


University of Sussex - Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement pdf icon PDF 78 KB

    Report of the Executive Director, Environment, Development and Housing (copy attached)


    RESOLVED – (1) That the Committee enters into a Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement with English Heritage and the University of Sussex for land at the University of Sussex under The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Heritage Partnership Agreements) (England) Regulations 2014; and


    (2)That authority to sign the Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement be delegated to the Chief Executive and the Head of City Planning and Development.



    70.1    RESOLVED (1) That agreement is given that the Council enters into a Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement with English Heritage and the University of Sussex for land at the University of Sussex under The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Heritage Partnership Agreements) (England) Regulations 2014.


    (2)That authority to sign the Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement be delegated to the Chief Executive and the Head of City Planning and Development.


Peter Pan Leisure Site, Madeira Drive - Development Proposal pdf icon PDF 79 KB

    Report of the Assistant Chief Executive (copy attached)

    Additional documents:


    RESOLVED – (1) That the Economic Development & Culture Committee agree to grant Landlord’s consent for the “Sky Wide Open” development on the former Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive; and


                (2) That the Committee authorises officers to negotiate Heads of Terms for the required Agreement to Lease and Lease, which would then be considered by the Policy & Resources Committee for approval.


    Before proceeding to consideration of the officer report:


    71.1    The Chair invited representatives on behalf of the consortium who had put forward the current set of proposals for the site to give a brief presentation.


    71.2    Mr Rob Hart was in attendance accompanied by Simon Murie, Andy White and Joe McNulty. Mr Hart explained that the consortium which had put forward this bid was comprised of established local businesses. There was a growing interest in open water swimming and this would cater to that by providing a nationally recognised open water centre, as well as encouraging to swim in the sea safely. The facility would be capable of use year round, would by virtue of its size have the capability (with eight permanent lanes) to host major events year round. It was envisaged that this facility would provide lifeguarding and water safety courses as well. The scheme would be entirely independently funded, would make a positive contribution to the city and would return to a site which had been derelict for some time to use.


    71.3    The Committee considered a joint report of Assistant Chief Executive and the Interim Executive Director for Finance and Resources seeking approval to grant Landlord’s consent, subject to final determination of the Heads of Terms by Policy and Resources Committee, for development of the former Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive by the “Sky Wide Open” consortium. It was noted that “Sky Wide Open” was a working title and would be subject to change.


    71.4    The report detailed the process undertaken by officers to market the site for redevelopment and the selection process which had resulted in the preferred developer being chosen. Marketing of the site had taken place at the same time as the Seafront Scrutiny Panel. The Panel had highlighted the importance of seeking investment into the seafront. This development (which would be paid for entirely by external funding) would affect improvements to an area which had been neglected for several years.


    71.5    Councillor Hawtree referred to the anticipated costs of bringing the scheme to fruition, stating that the costs seemed very modest for what was proposed and that he hoped that there was a robust business plan in place. He sought clarification regarding access arrangements to the site, seeking confirmation that this would not result in any part of the beach becoming private. The location of the site in relation to the Volks Railway was confirmed and it was also confirmed that public access to the site would remain unrestricted.


    71.6    Councillor Smith stated that he considered it regrettable, given that it was his last meeting that he was unable to support these proposals. Whilst proposals to return this site to use were welcomed, a number of schemes had come forward but had not been unable to pay their way and had therefore failed to come to fruition. The most recent of these had been the “Karma” scheme which had not been realised because the applicant had sought to change its parameters in order to make it more viable for them in ways which were not acceptable to the Council. Councillor Smith sought clarification regarding consideration that had been given to the viability of the scheme and whether funding was in place to support it.


    71.7    The Deputy Head of Law, Bob Bruce confirmed that these proposals were at a very early stage and that Policy and Resources Committee would need to approve the Heads of Terms at the appropriate stage in order for the scheme to progress. There was no question that the scheme would be permitted to go forward without the necessary guarantees being in place. The Council would require the applicants to provide detailed information in order to meet its due diligence requirements.


    71.8    Councillor Smith reiterated his concerns bearing in mind the past history of schemes for this site. The Deputy Head of Law confirmed that all necessary safeguards would need to be in place in advance of any recommendations being put forward to Policy and Resources Committee for approval.


    71.9    Councillor C Theobald stated that she shared some of the concerns expressed by Councillor Smith and hoped that a robust business case would be required.


    71.10  The Head of Sport & Leisure, Ian Shurrock explained that an officer of the finance department would be included on the officer team which would be reviewing all aspects of the project’s business case. In answer to questions by Councillor Randall, it was explained that it was intended that the development would be supported by a broader range of sports retail facilities including a cycle hub.


    71.11  Councillor Wealls sought clarification of the process for agreeing the Heads of Terms and these were outlined by the Deputy Head of Law. Councillor Wealls stated that in his view it was not possible to judge the business case definitively at this stage, but that as Committee were simply being asked to give approval to enable further work to take place he did not consider this was problematic. All of the necessary requirements would need to be met in order for Policy and Resources Committee to determine the matter.


    71.12  Councillor Robins stated that he considered it would be regrettable if this scheme and that currently underway to revitalise Saltdean Lido were to compromise one another, so that ultimately only one of them could succeed.


    71.13  Councillor Brown stating that whilst she had initially shared Councillor Smith’s concerns having read the report she considered that this scheme which was at a very early and preliminary scheme presented a significantly different offer to that which would be provided by Saltdean Lido. By giving their approval that day, the Committee would be giving their approval to start a process. It was important as part of a process of regenerating this part of the seafront to seek to return this area to use and for that reason she supported the recommendation.


    71.14  Councillor Morgan stated that this sight was located in his Ward, whilst he had listened carefully and sympathetically to concerns which had been expressed in respect of Saltdean Lido he considered that they were very different, also, that this area was in urgent need of regeneration. Councillor Randall concurred in that view, noting that as both schemes would be phased, they were unlikely to come on stream at the same time.


    71.15  Councillor Deane noted that the project was a work in progress and that further work would be carried out at every stage in order to bring it to fruition.


    71.16  RESOLVED – (1) That the Economic Development & Culture Committee agree to grant Landlord’s consent for the “Sky Wide Open” development on the former Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive; and


                (2) That the Committee authorises officers to negotiate Heads of Terms for the required Agreement to Lease and Lease, which would then be considered by the Policy & Resources Committee for approval.


    Note: Councillor Smith wished his name to be recorded as having  voted against the recommendation. All other Members voted in support.



Major Projects Update pdf icon PDF 1 MB

    This standing item will provide an opportunity for relevant issues to be updated on (copy of schedule attached)


    72.1    The Committee considered the circulated schedule which provided an update on the current progress of major projects across the city.


    72.2    The Head of City Regeneration explained that a shortlist of 2 bidders had been agreed and that final tenders were due to be submitted by May 2015.


    72.3    Councillor Randall was pleased to note the progress that had been achieved in relation specifically to the Circus Street scheme but also in relation to a number of key schemes across the city which were gathering pace and would provide employment opportunities as well as growing and strengthening the city’s economy. Councillor Hawtree agreed that it was pleasing to note the level of progress which had been achieved in a number of areas.


    72.4    The Chair commended the excellent and on–going work which had taken place at New England House, noting the pro-active approach that had been used in seeking to procure a private sector partner.


    72.5    Councillor Morgan sought clarification of progress in relation to the Brighton Centre and it was explained that feasibility discussions were continuing.


    74.6    RESOLVED – That the contents of the schedule be noted and received.


Items Referred For Council

    To consider items to be submitted to the 26 March 2015 Council meeting for information.


    In accordance with Procedure Rule 24.3a, the Committee may determine that any item is to be included in its report to Council. In addition, any Group may specify one further item to be included by notifying the Chief Executive no later than 10am on the eighth working day before the Council meeting at which the report is to be made, or if the Committee meeting take place after this deadline, immediately at the conclusion of the Committee meeting



    73.1    There were none.


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