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Licensing Panel (Licensing Act 2003 Functions)

This page lists the meetings for Licensing Panel (Licensing Act 2003 Functions).


Information about Licensing Panel (Licensing Act 2003 Functions)

The Licensing Panel is a Sub-Committee of the Licensing Committee. Its functions are to:

·         Hear applications under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005 where the matter is authorised or required to be dealt with by a Committee. These are usually, but not necessarily, cases where officers do not have delegated powers or a hearing is required;

·         Deal with appeals against licensing and registration decisions and cases where officers do not have the power to make determinations;

·         Serve as the appellate Committee where there is a right of appeal from a decision of an officer and no other arrangements have been made under the constitution; and

·         Determine any other matter of a quasi-judicial nature which may be referred to it.


Please note, there may be more than one application heard on each agenda, and therefore the item you are interested in may not necessarily be the first item to be considered. Each application can take between ½ hour and 4 hours to consider. The Chair may however change the running order of the agenda at the start of the meeting.


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