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Audit & Standards Committee

This page lists the meetings for Audit & Standards Committee.


Information about Audit & Standards Committee

The Audit functions of this Committee relate to the Council’s arrangements for the discharge of its powers and duties in connection with financial governance and stewardship, risk management and audit. The Committee makes recommendations to the Council, Policy & Resources Committee, Officers or other relevant body within the Council.


The Standards functions of this Committee seek to ensure that the Members, Co-opted Members and Officers of the Council observe high ethical standards in performing their duties. These functions include advising the Council on its Codes of Conduct and administering related complaints and dispensation procedures. 


In addition to the Councillors who serve on the Audit and Standards Committee, the Committee includes at least two independent persons who are not Councillors. They are appointed under Chapter 7 of the Localism Act, or otherwise co-opted, and act in an advisory capacity with no voting powers.


In the terms of reference of this Committee a “Member” is an elected Councillor and a “Co-opted Member” is a person co-opted by the Council, for example to advise or assist a Committee or Sub-Committee of the Council.


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