Agenda item - Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy September 2013

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Agenda item

Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy September 2013

Report of Director of Public Health (copy attached).


20.1    The Board considered a report of the Director of Public Health which stated that the Health & Social Care Act 2012 required each local Health & Wellbeing Board to publish a Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy.  Brighton & Hove Shadow HWB agreed a draft JHWS in September 2012.  However, HWB’s did not become statutory bodies until April 2013, meaning that the JHWS must also be agreed by the statutory board. 


20.2    The Health and Wellbeing Board Business Manager introduced the report.  Members were informed that the strategy that members were being asked to consider was substantially the same document that was agreed at the September 2012 meeting. However, the opportunity had been taken to:

            a) update the strategy where relevant (e.g. with a new section on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment);

            b) reflect consultation and engagement with a range of stakeholders - principally facilitated by the Brighton & Hove Community & Voluntary Sector Forum (CVSF);

            c) undertake equalities impact assessment work (an EIA for the JHWS was attached as Appendix 2 to the report).


20.3    The revised JHWS was included as Appendix 1 to the report.  The five priorities were listed in paragraph 3.3 of the report. (Cancer & Cancer Screening, smoking, emotional health and wellbeing (including mental health), dementia and healthy weight and nutrition.)   


20.4    Geraldine Hoban reported that one of the areas that the CCGs were concerned about was the health of homeless people.  It was considered that the delivery of this service needed better integration.  She asked if it was time to consider whether the health of homeless people should be a priority.   


20.5    The Deputy Director of Public Health replied that the five key priority issues in the strategy have been identified through a prioritisation process.  There are several health and wellbeing priorities for the city, such as alcohol, which are not included in the strategy.  In the first instance the plan is for a programme board to be established to consider issues related to homelessness.    


20.6    The Chair stated that the HWB could think about additional items that don’t fall into the normal identification process, when choosing priorities in the next cycle. 


20.7    The Health & Wellbeing Board Business Manager stressed that the strategy was intended to add value to what was already happening in the city.  He asked if the Board wanted to carry out this work through the strategy or through other measures.  There was a need for a carefully managed strategy. 


20.8    The Director of Public Health agreed that the paper on homelessness would be considered by the programme board.


20.9    Hayyan Asif asked about the process for deciding priorities for the next session.  He asked how organisations would be contacted.  The Health and Wellbeing Board Business Manager explained that there would be engagement with a number of organisations, particularly the CVSF.


20.10  Councillor Meadows asked how long it had taken to finish the consultation.  The HWB Business Manager replied that the CVSF response was received in late spring 2013. 


20.11  The Chair stated that it would be logical to think about priorities for the next year in the next few months. 


20.12  Councillor Bowden stated that he considered smoking as a target to be an unwinnable battle. Many smokers were students who moved into the area.  The Director of Public Health stated that prevalence was decreasing.  A great deal of work was being carried out in East Brighton, although he acknowledged that new smokers were being imported. 


20.13  Councillor Shanks asked if there was joint working with the universities.  The Director of Public Health replied that Public Health did work with the universities with regard to smoking, alcohol etc.   It was important to engage universities.  


20.14  Councillor Norman stated that it was a good strategy which allowed for flexibility.  He looked forward to seeing continued good work in the future.  


20.15  Councillor Bowden praised the strategy’s impact on licensing applications.


20.16  RESOLVED – (1)     That the Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy set out at Appendix 1, be approved and that its publication be authorised.




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